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  • 2013/14 Schwinn AC Performance Plus Platinum Edition - ONLY @ Studiocycles!

    This is a transcription of the following video:

    Hi, this is Jeff Wimmer from StudioCycles and It is June 1st 2013. and I am in StudioCycles World Headquarters, here in Hawthorne, California. And in this YouTube video I wanna to talk about something that is pretty exciting. It is a new version of the Schwinn AC Performance Plus that we have come up with. I have been working with machinists and engineers for quite sometime to enhance the adjustability of the AC Performance Plus. We currently have the AC Performance Plus available just as the bike, I believe at $1595. If you order a brand new bike, we take it out of the box, we take it apart, we go through it, we do an optimization process. We do that because that is absolutely necessary. Anywhere else in the world you buy one of these bikes, they’re gonna process your credit card and the fulfillment centers gonna put a label on the box and send it you and you’re gonna get a two year warranty. You buy it from us and we’re gonna take it out of the box, we’re gonan disassemble it, we’re gonna through it from the inside out. It is gonna be fully assembled. We’re gonna do a drive train process and once my guys do all the heavy lifting then I come in and I ride and tune every bike personally without exception. I am the only outside consultant to Schwinn and StarTrac and Spinning in the world and have been for years and years and years. I have been working with the Schwinn on the ACs since the very very beginning. And the AC Performance Plus in my estimation is absolutely as good as it gets in the indoor cycling arena. The AC Performance Plus has, truly has the badass handle bar. Flat spots on the AC Performance Plus - they now put a flat spot on hand position three. The bike is available with the onboard computer which does give wattage, stage training and has USB port so you can upload your ride data; collect it on USB stick and sent to different websites for ride performance analysis and archiving. This is the 2013 AC Performance Plus; they discontinued the Performance and now the Performance Plus is the new top dog. It is chain driver, it does have perimeter weighting; perimeter weighting is very very important especially if you are a non-cyclist. Human tendency is to bring a bad pedal stroke to the table if you are not a big cyclist. Come in up down-up down-updown pedal stroke. Perimeter weighting is what produces aggressive inertia and in my minds’ eye perimeter weighting is what separates an indoor group cycle from an exercise bike. Lot of the bikes have flat skinny flywheels. It doesn’t matter if it’s a 60 pound flywheel if it is flat and skinny – it is not gonna produce inertia and you’re gonna end up with a bad pedal stroke. And if you’re a runner with bad knees and if you’re getting up there and you need fluid movement in your exercise – flat skinny flywheels go in the opposite direction.

    So, this is the AC Performance Plus. We sell this bike for $1595. For an extra 100 bucks we give you a $500 console with wattage – the V2 – which is the current generation empower console with wattage. We give you a commercial floor mat and we give you a surface dual density saddle and you do have a choice between mens and womens. If you are a couple you always choose the woman’s saddle. Woman’s saddle has a little shorter nose and a little more sit bum platform. Let me get to the point on our new version of the AC Performance Plus. I think the one shortcoming of this bike is the amount of travel that you have – the seat slider and at the handle bars. This handle bar has as rather short amount of travel and in my minds’ eye again, using that term, when a handle bar comes back to the end of the slider it is basically returning to a neutral position. A true fore-aft handle bar…for example, the AC Sport and the AC Performance – the version that they just closed out to introduce the AC Performance Plus they closed out the Performance. But the Performance and the Sport are the only bikes that I know of on the market that have true fore-aft handle bars. Fore-aft means it goes forwards, it goes backwards. It doesn’t return to a neutral position. On the spinner models they return to a neutral position. If you are petite, you want an aft handle bar. You want an aft handle bar – you wanna be able to pull it closer to you, okay. If you are tall then its fine because they all move forward. What we’ve done with our machinists and our engineers is we’ve developed what we call the AC Performance Plus Platinum version and what we’ve done is we have re-engineered the sliders so you get extra movement here. That little bit of movement is huge, okay. But the most compelling thing with our Platinum version is the handle bar. Out handle bar has almost double the travel that a standard Performance Plus has, okay.

    So, here’s the deal – AC Performance Plus $1595 – AC Performance Plus with 600 bucks of extra gear - $1695. AC Performance Plus Platinum package bike – $500 computer, $50 saddle upgrade, $50 commercial floor mat – it is not a shitty little yoga mat – it is a real commercial floor mat. You get a bag of SPD cleats for your shoes – but the most dynamic thing about the Platinum package is the fact that we have increased the travel on these handle bars exponentially. That extra bit on the aft is what will pay off if you are 5 feet tall – 4 foot 11 – 5 foot 2 – that will make this bike fit like a glove. Say, you are 6 foot 7 - you wanna push that handle bar way out of your way. You look at the difference here with how much travel there is on our Platinum bike versus the Standard bike…okay. That is what makes the Platinum package from StudioCycles.

    I am Jeff Wimmer from StudioCycles. You can call me directly. Home Office is 888-909-BIKE. Cell Phone is 818-470-2204. I’m normally here in the Hawthorne, afternoons and evenings. Most every night of my life tuning bikes. I’m the only who rides and tunes. We are the only company in the world that takes brand new bikes out of the box, tears them apart, goes through them, optimizes them and then we over package double box and we ship FedEx. Okay.


    You can look at ‘em around here and see we are an indoor cycling company, we are “the” indoor cycling company. If you are a fitness facility and you have the means – make an appointment, fly into LA. We have the StudioCycles product testing area. We’re Star Tracs, Schwinn, Keiser, LeMond and FreeMotion – all in one area, all built, all ready to be tested and compared side by side by side. This is a very very very unique place. There is no place like this in the world, okay. The 2013 Schwinn AC Performance Plus Platinum package is even not on the website yet. Call me directly to discuss. I am Jeff Wimmer from StudioCycles and and you will see more videos about the AC Performance Plus Platinum package that we offer. The Platinum package also includes triple link pedals.

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