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  • Star Trac Spinner NXT 7000 Gen 2 w/ LIFETIME warranty

    Hi, I’m Jeff Wimmer from StudioCycles and and in this short YouTube video I wanna talk about the Star Trac Spinner NXT 7000 series generation 2 with the corrected bottom bracket and this is a generation 1 7000 series bike and you can see it’s a Star Trac Spinner NXT. This is a generation 2 Star Trac Spinner NXT 7000 series bike and they look the same but there is a huge structural difference and 99.999% of the used fitness equipment warehouses sell the used bikes and they are very unscrupulous. They are either ignorant or they know and they don’t say. But the 7000 series generation 2 Star Trac Spinner NXT actually has the frame sleeve, the corrected frame sleeve. The generation 1 Star Trac Spinner NXTs – it says Star Trac Spinner NXT on the down tube in red – you can tell that they don’t have a frame sleeve correction because there’s no black ring around the bottom bracket on the non-drive side, the bottom bracket bearing. On the generation 2 which again same aesthetics, if you look carefully there’s a black ring around the bottom bracket bearing of the Star Trac Spinner NXT 7000 series generation 2. Now we’re the only official, we’re the original and current official technical support to the Spinning program and have been for years and years and years. We’re the only outside official technical support for Star Trac and Schwinn and other company as well. But what we do with our used bikes because there’s a ton of Star Trac Spinner NXTs out there for sale and through the uneducated buyer they all look the same what you need to understand is that most of these bikes that are for sale on the market had been in clubs being used for years and years and years. Being used multiple times a day, 45 minutes at a shot and these used fitness equipment warehouses – they have them because the clubs have gotten rid of them because the internals are worn out or the outsides are beat up or a combination of both. Now we’re the only company that I know of in the world that offers a lifetime parts replacement policy on our used Star Trac – we call them certified pre-owned Star Trac Spinner NXT 7000 series bikes as well as our other Star Trac Spinner models as well. We have new, we have certified pre-owned but be aware there’s a term that’s thrown around by used fitness equipment companies online – they say that the bike has been cleaned and serviced which is the biggest stroke in the world. Cleaning and servicing could mean as little as wiping it off and putting oil on the chain. We tear ‘em down to the bare frames and we have options where you can get them painted. We have custom NXTs. There are some white ones up there. There’s a red one up there. Black here in the middle. So we, you know, or if they’re in good aesthetic condition like these bikes are we just tear them down, we put new flywheel bearings, new crank bearings, new resistance pad, new pedals. We do lifetime part replacement and lifetime email and phone tech support and if you have a problem with your bike you call me. You talk to me. I don’t tell you to call Star Trac. The chances are if you buy a used bike from used fitness equipment company and if you have a problem with it, they’re gonna tell you to call Star Trac. And I cant tell you how many giant used fitness equipment warehouses have – they’ve actually taken the sale from here and there to clubs or clubs have bought 20, 30, 40 of these bikes. And then the club will have called me initially but my prices are you know $100- $200 more and they’ll opt for the cheaper bike which is understandable in this economy. But I get a lot of call from those very same clubs they say I’ve bought my bikes from this used fitness company and they’re falling apart. The members hate them. And the truth of the matter is that used commercial indoor group cycles as such as the Star Trac or the Schwinns they never wear out. If they’re effectively and comprehensively torn apart and rebuilt professionally, you end up with a brand new bike on the inside. I’m Jeff Wimmer from StudioCycles. You can reach me at 310-664-1375. 818-470-2204 or 888-909-BIKE from 10AM to 10PM, 7 days a week. We have the only 2 indoor cycling specific brick and mortar retail stores in the world and we have a beautiful 15,000 square foot warehouse here in Hawthorne, California which is just, I mean this place is absolutely – it’s phenomenal in terms of people shopping for bikes. We have a place for you to go that’s like no other in the world. If you’re a club and you’re shopping for bikes and you’re looking at dropping some major coin on new bikes, you call me first and talk to me. I promise you that the information I give you will be unbiased. It will be honest. It will be straightforward. No one’s been doing this longer than I have. I ride and tune every single bike I sell. I’ve taught 1000s of classes. I teach technical courses at the world spinning conferences every year. In fact just got back from Miami. It’s June 9th 2012. But I wanna sell you your next bike and if you’re buying a bike for your home what you get from us is like a bike like no other. If you’re buying a new bike and if you buy it online every other company is gonna process your credit card and send you a bike in a box that they’ve never touched, they’ve never seen what’s inside the box. When we sell brand new bikes we take it out of the box, we pro-build them, we pro-tune them and then we over package them. In fact we disassemble the bikes before we put them together to tune them and test them. So there is no other company like ours in the world. I’m Jeff Wimmer from StudioCycles. I wanna thank you for taking the time to watch this video

  • 3 Really cool things about Spin bikes - This is good!

    Hi, this is Jeff Wimmer from StudioCycles and I wanna talk to you about 3 really cool things related to indoor group cycles. We’re the only company in the world, when you buy a bike online we take it out of the box, we tear it apart, we go through it, we do drive train optimization, we find problems and issues and we correct them. We find problems with bikes all the time. You cannot look through cardboard box and see problems. They don’t put stickers on the boxes and say hey whoa whoa whoa whoa - wait a minute – don’t send this bike out – take it out of the box and check this that or the other because you might find a problem. We just don’t have that luxury. We do it because it’s necessary. We want to deliver a perfect or near perfect bike to our customer. Whether it’s 1 bike into a home or 50 bikes into a club. That’s cool thing number 1. Cool thing number 2 – this power plant right here – that’s badass – well that’s nothing to do with indoor cycling – sorry. What can I say – mid life crisis. Cool thing number 3 – our custom painted bikes. Here’s a Star Trac Spinner Blade. This Star Trac’s badass top end bike for 2013. But here’s a Spinner Blade with a $3000 paint job on it. That’s badass. That’s cool. Okay. Other cool things knowing as a consumer that every other website does 2 things – they process your credit card and they have a logistics company that puts a box on a truck. Wait a minute. That’s not cool. That’s actually not in your favor. This is a faster, faster, cheaper, cheaper world we live in and all the mass production commercial fitness equipment that’s being pumped out today has the potential to arrive with issues that can develop into failure. That’s why we tear bikes apart. That’s why we go entirely through them and that’s why my ass is on the seat of every bike that goes through my company. I have the only 2 indoor cycling specific brick and mortar stores in the world – ones in Laguna Niguel, ones in Venice, California. I keep 35-50 bikes in each store. They’re all built and tuned to as close to absolute perfection as humanly possible and if you are a commercial customer and you wanna buy bikes for your club you can schedule an appointment with me. Fly to Los Angeles and I have a product testing area in my warehouse where we have Schwinn, Star Trac, Keiser, LeMond and even FreeMotion even though we dumped them after 3 months. All in one area for you to test and compare side by side by side by side. We’re also the only company in the world that when we do refurbishing – most of our bikes are refurbished bikes for consumers we do lifetime warranties on. And if you are a club and you buy refurbished bikes, we do brand new bike warranties on refurbished bikes for clubs. That’s 2 years part, 5 years frame. And we put pedals on our refurbished bikes, good pedals, $100 pedals. You know if you don’t get pedals on your bikes, that’s an extra $50-100 bucks a pop. It all adds up, ladies and gentleman. What qualifies me to say I am the best because when Johnny G was creating Spinning in his garage 20 years ago, I was managing Beverly Hills bike shop, I was racing bicycles professionally and I was selling Johnny parts in his building, the original Schwinn Johnny G Spinners’ in his garage – I’ve been involved ever since. My hands have been on an estimated over a hundred thousand of these indoor group cycles. And before that, before Johnny came along, as a young teenager I grew up in the bicycle industry building Airdyne’s XR7s, XR8s and DX900s which were the very Schwinn exercisers that Johnny had in his garage that he was trying to covert to make feel like his road bike as was training for the Race across America. What else qualifies me to say I’m the best - I’ve been at this non stop for almost 20 years but also written the only tech manual library in the world. These are the Bibles in the industry. These are 50 bucks. I’ve got 6 different volumes. That’s my mug. That’s my mug. My mug’s not there. Lucky for some of you. It’s my mug there and here’s the first volume homespun. That’s my mug there. If you call the manufacturers with the bike issue, they probably have my books next to their phones. Let me just make one thing perfectly clear. I am the best at what I do in this industry and I’m too old to be a big deal. I don’t say for any other reason that’s it’s a fact. The top engineers, the owners of the biggest companies in the fitness industry.

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