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  • Schwinn AC Performance Bike Reviews

    Hi, I’m Jeff Wimmer from StudioCycles and and in this short YouTube video I wanna talk about indoor cycling reviews. I’m in my warehouse in Hawthorne, California. We have a 15,000 square foot warehouse. We have the only 2 brick and mortar stores that I know of in the world. We keep 500-600 bikes in stock at all times. But I wanna talk to you about online reviews for the Schwinn AC Performance. The Schwinn AC Performance came out about 3 years ago and today it’s June 21st 2012. And I think in a lot of cases online reviews are unfavorable for a lot of different items and it has to do with the person reviewing the product and their experience and their window of reference. Now for us the Schwinn AC Performance is absolutely been our best selling bike. Again I have the only 2 brick and mortar retail indoor cycling stores in the world. We were voted the fastest growing national distributor. We won that award at the IHRSA trade show this year. It’s one of the largest commercial fitness trade shows in the world. We’ve been doing indoor group cycles for close to 20 years. No one has the background that I have in terms of the depth of experience. I consult with all the manufacturers. I write all the tech manuals. I teach at the world spinning conferences. I’ve taught 1000s of indoor cycling classes and spinning classes myself. I’m a former professional cyclist and my ass is on a bike seat 5 or 6 days a week no matter what. Probably the most glaring dynamic that I can offer you is that every single that I’ve ever sold and I’ve sold tens of thousands of these bikes, I mean, I’ve installed tens of thousands of these bikes in clubs over the years. Some cases I’ve put 2 and 3 generations of bikes into the same club. I ride and tune every single bike myself. I don’t sell bikes in boxes that are untuned. And one thing to consider with an online review is that-: A. What’s the window of comparison that the person writing the review has. How many different types of bikes have they ridden. Is the bike that they’re reviewing, was it built professionally. Did it need to be adjusted or optimized or lubricated or aligned or tensioned or tuned. What we do with our bikes specifically the AC Performance, but with all of our new bikes, we take our new bikes out of the box, we tear ‘em apart, we go entirely through them, we optimize the bike, we do drivetrain treatments, flywheel alignment, chain tensioning. We do 35-40 steps on an average commercial bike assembly before it goes into a club or if it’s going to a consumer we over package it so it doesn’t get damaged in shipping and when you get a bike from StudioCycles-: A. It takes you longer to unpack the bike than put it together but you’re also getting a bike that’s already been built and it’s already been tuned. My review of the AC Performance, it has the strongest bottom bracket. It has the most magnets for a magnetic resistant bike. It has one of the most dynamic computers with wattage, stage training, calories, RPM, heart rate pick up. It’s on available onboard computer and we do lifetime warranties on our Schwinn AC Performances which as far as I know no one else in the world offers a lifetime warranties on the bikes. Plus every single place that you buy an AC Performance that I know of in the world if it’s built it was most likely built like a piece of furniture from IKEA and if you buy it online the company that is processing it, they’re processing your credit card and they are sending you a box. That is the extent of the involvement of the seller in 99.999% of the cases where you buy your bikes specifically the AC Performance. The other thing about me and the AC Performance specifically is I consulted on AC Performance for almost 2 years before it was actually released to the public at large. I know this bike as well or better than the folks at Schwinn themselves. So my review of the AC Performance is it’s one of the most evolved bikes out there on a commercial level. I think comparatively speaking if you look at the aggressive inertia, if you look at the quality of the bike, the aluminum frame, the dynamic of the fore-aft handlebars with the aero positions. It’s the first bike I’ve seen with a comfortable aero position. Period ever. Point Blank. End of story. I like the aero position on the bike because when you engage the aero position, you load the resistance, drop your heels and grind from the saddle – it’s one of the positions on any bike that really works the butt, the quads and the core. And for me you know quads and core, specifically core is a serious, serious focal point of my workouts. Because the older I get my back and my core are absolutely are the most important parts of my body in terms of day-to-day living and intense workouts. So that’s my review of the AC Performance. I’m sure they’ll be plenty of people that will differ from that. But in most cases their scope of experience is limited or non-existent. And I invite you to comment and talk about the AC Performance compared to any other bike in the industry available today. Telephone numbers 888-909-BIKE. 310-664-1375. Cell Phone 818-470-2204. You can call me 10AM to 10PM 7 days a week and I’ll be happy to talk to you. You will not call any other person in the free world and have the type of conversation that you will have with me about all the bikes that are out there, the upsides and the downsides. I’m Jeff Wimmer from StudioCycles and I wanna thank you for taking the time to watch this video and best of luck to you on your road to health and fitness.



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