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Schwinn AC Performance vs FreeMotion S11.9 Comparison

Hi, I’m Jeff Wimmer from StudioCycles and and in this short YouTube video I’m going to compare the 2012 Schwinn AC Performance with the 2012 FreeMotion S11.9. My history is over 15 years deep specific to indoor group cycles. I’ve written all the technical manuals in the indoor cycling industry in the last 15 years. I’ve built, tuned, installed, refurbished and repaired over a 100,000 commercial indoor group cycles. I am a direct consultant to Star Trac, to Schwinn, to Mad Dogg Athletic and Spinning. I have the most amazing warehouse in Hawthorne, California with 12 workstations, a 100 foot long workbench and we keep 400-600 bikes in stock at all times. I personally ride and tune every single bike that I sell and you know what I do differently is when you buy a bike online from any other company, they process your credit card and send you a box. You buy a bike from us we take it out of the box, we tear it apart, we optimize it, it’s fully assembled. I ride and tune the bike – I ride and tune every bike that goes through my company whether it’s going into a club or into one of my 2 stores. By the way I have the only 2 brick and mortar indoor cycling retail stores in the world. And I’m most likely the only guy in the world who owns a company, builds the bikes, tunes the bikes, owns the stores that you can call directly if you wanna buy a bike or you can call directly if you have a problem. We also do lifetime part replacement on most other commercial bikes we sell and even on our certified pre-owned Star Tracs and Schwinns. So getting this out of the way, I’m gonna give you some phone numbers. You can call me directly 10AM to 10PM, 7 days a week - 310-664-1375. Cell Phone is 818-470-2204. Toll Free is 888-909-BIKE and our store in Laguna Niguel, California is 949-581-BIKE. And our store in Venice, California is 310-392-BIKE. And the stores are open Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays and if you look on our website you’ll see phone numbers that are for private appointments on those other days. Just have the courtesy to give our store manages a little bit of a heads up and they’ll be happy to meet you one-on-one to show you bikes and get you dialed in. We carry Star Trac, Schwinn, FreeMotion, Keiser and LeMond – the 5 most popular companies in the industry. And again this video is about the 2012 Schwinn AC Performance versus the 2012 FreeMotion S11.9. Now when FreeMotion first introduced their bikes at a trade show a year and a half ago and I met with the guys at FreeMotion, I was very excited because basically the team that designed the FreeMotion bike designed the Schwinn bike and I thought well these guys are really – you know, I was enamored by the fact that such an impressive team has put together this bike and presented it to FreeMotion and FreeMotion chose to sell the bike. And the bike at the trade show was very impressive but the bikes that were delivered to me to sell in my stores were far less impressed with those. And for lack of a better term I’ve really cooled off towards FreeMotion. I sell a lot of bikes. I ride a lot of bikes and I work on a lot of bikes and I don’t think there’s anybody else in the world knows these bikes the way that I do. So here’s the Schwinn AC Performance. This is one of our best selling bikes. It’s been out 3 years now and we’ve put it in all the Spectrum clubs in California, all the Equinox clubs in California The AC Performance is the top of the line bike. AC stands for Authentic Cycle. I mean it’s very impressive geometry, very easy bike to set up. It has magnetic resistance. It uses ISIS spline technology in the bottom brackets. So you’ll never snap a crank even if you’re a 500 pound lumber jack masher. It has an available onboard computer called the Empower console and you can get this console with wattage. The AC Performance has probably the most dynamic handle bar I think of any bike in the industry. It has multiple hand positions, a comfortable aero position. It has a flat spot for your forearms which I think is really impressive. The magnetic resistance is really nice. I mean it’s aluminum frame, aluminum bases, aluminum towers and it has a fore-aft handle bar and it has a fore-aft saddle. Most bikes do come with an SPD basket clip pedal. When we build this bike we tear it apart, we do drivetrain optimization process. We call it the quiet tune process. This is the FreeMotion S11.8 and now looking back and all the things I heard from the FreeMotion camp basically the guys who designed this bike – they basically just knocked off the AC Performance and tried to make it better. But if you look at the handlebars on the S series bikes, they’re flat. It’s a time bar. I think for most normal human beings there’s not a lot of hand positions. This is your amount of adjustment right here. And I’ve heard a lot of rumblings from LA Fitness about the handle bar not staying tight. They have an adjustable magnet basket on their bike. I think it’s a great concept but it’s extremely difficult to adjust. And I adjust a lot of these bikes. I think the average mortal man or woman will struggle with this adjustment. Also they use a 2 mm chain tensioning screw to adjust the chain which is just ridiculously small. I don’t think you could get much smaller and the smaller the hardware the more likely it is to strip out. This is the S11.9. It has a chain drive and they’re coming out with a belt drive bike. And they’re using a different type of a belt. They’re using a belt that claims to feel like a chain. I rode it at the IHRSA show – 2012 IHRSA show here in Los Angeles a couple of months ago and I wasn’t impressed. It just felt very very odd to me. It wasn’t smooth. You know one of the benefits of a belt is the smooth quiet nature but typically with belt driven bikes they don’t have perimeter weighting or aggressive inertia. So they tend to provoke an up down, up down, up down pedal stroke. The chain drive gives the bike a bicycle feel and I think if you want to build an exercise bike build an exercise bike. If you want to build a high-performance indoor group cycle, have some relativity to a bicycle on some level. So with all that being said we sell the Schwinn AC Performances. We have great deals on these whether you’re buying 1 or you’re buying a 100. We ship anywhere in the country one bike or a 100 bikes. We’re the only company in the world that does lifetime warranties for consumers and we’re the only company in the world that I know of that doesn’t build our bikes like furniture from IKEA. Fitness equipment companies are bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, how fast, how fast, how fast, come on, come on, more, more, more, more, more. I mean typically the guys who put these bikes together not all of them, they have limited skill set. I mean you could train a monkey to bolt a spin bike together or an indoor group cycle together. To make the bike per and be optimized and because as a spinning, as an indoor cycling instructor or participant in indoor cycling or spinning, the last thing you wanna think about is the bike. You want the music, the rhythm, the movements not the bike. And that’s what we do and that’s who we are. I’m Jeff Wimmer from StudioCycles. I wanna thank you for taking the time to watch this video and I encourage you to call me with any and all questions. If you’re looking at Keiser, Schwinn, Star Trac, LeMond or FreeMotion. I’m your guy. I know the ins and outs of all these bikes. I don’t think anybody else in the world has the knowledge base that I have. I’m here for you. Thanks for taking the time to watch this video best of luck to you on your road to health and fitness.


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