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2012 Schwinn AC Performance Bike Packages -

Hi, this is Jeff Wimmer from StudioCycles and It is Wednesday, I believe June 13th and in this short YouTube video I wanna talk about our 2012 Schwinn AC Performance packages that we have. First of all we were awarded fastest growing national distributor for Stairmaster Schwinn at the IHRSA fitness show this year due to our sales last year and the bulk of our sales last year were for indoor group cycles and we specialize in indoor group cycles. If you haven’t checked us out, visit us online at I am considered the most knowledgeable individual in the indoor cycling industry for what I do and for the length of time I’ve been doing this. I’ve written all the tech manuals for the indoor cycling industry in the last 15 years. My manuals are considered the Bibles in the industry for taking care of the bikes. We are an indoor cycling company. We are not a fitness equipment company. What sets us apart from every other company in the free world is that if you buy your bikes online or if you buy a bike for your home online or if you buy your bikes for your club online – basically what happens is your credit card is processed and you’re sent boxes or a box. That’s a box up there. That’s what gonna show up to your home or your facility and the company you buy it from most likely will have nothing to do with what’s inside the box. They won’t touch what’s in the box and if you have a problem with what’s inside the box they probably will tell you to call the manufacturer. What we do here at StudioCycles, if you buy a bike for your home or if you buy bikes for your club, we take the bikes out of the box, we tear them apart, we do a pro-level build and tune and we do about a 35-40 process when we put a bike together and we do a drivetrain treatment and finally the bike is fully assembled like these bikes here and what happens is I personally ride and tune every single bike without exception. And in my company may have a dozen employees but I ride and tune every single bike myself. I have the only 2 brick and mortar indoor cycling stores in the world. We have the only authorized spinning retail brick and mortar locations in the world. We have a store at Laguna Niguel. We have a store in Venice, California. And I ride and tune every single bike that goes through my company without exception. If you’re a consumer what you may or may not know is that when you buy a bike online and it arrives to your house and you bolt it together like a piece of furniture from IKEA – there are lot of things on that bike that may or may not work in your favor because they may not be lubricated, they may not be aligned, they may not be tensioned. We open bikes on a fairly regular basis and find damaged bikes. And what we do is we correct any damage and then our packaging process is absolutely second to none. When you look at the packaging that these bikes come in, they are more apt to work in the favor of the end user if there are 4 or 8 or 10 of these things strapped to a pallet in a huge group. What we do when we package our bikes is we over package everything. We use strapping tape, we use metal buckles, we use polymer straps. We double box everything. We over package everything. In fact we get a lot of complaints – that complaints is just – they explained to us that it takes then longer to unpack the bike than to does to put the it together. So one other notable about the Schwinn AC Performance is that it’s been out about 3-3.5 years now and in my estimation it’s probably the most evolved bike out there. It has magnetic resistance. It has the most dynamic handlebars with the most positions that go forwards and backwards. It’s aluminum frame. So it’s easy to move around and it’s corrosion resistant. It has the ISIS technology implemented into the bottom bracket and the bottom bracket is the bearing assembly that the crankarms rotate on which is typically a failure area on a lot of bikes. They have a wattage base computer that they have version 2 empower consoles now that are about the best out there. And we have packaged deals on these bikes. If you buy 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 bikes what happens is we pick them up from the distribution center. We bring them here. We unbox them, we tear them apart. We go entirely through them and then put them back into the box and we send them to you. And I guarantee you if you can screw a nut and a bolt together you will do as good of a job as 99% of the fitness equipment companies in the world and here’s why – In the fitness industry what happens is fitness equipment companies are accustomed to uncrating or unboxing pieces of equipment and bolting the pieces to the main frame of the unit. Here’s a perfect example – this is a Stairmaster SM916 which a lot of you’ve seen. This is a favorite for the women at the gyms because it tones the butt and the legs like nothing well outside the indoor cycling and spinning. But when you uncrate this thing – you bolt the hand rails, you bolt the mass, you bolt the display unit and that’s it. That’s your assembly. When fitness equipment companies typically put indoor bikes together they uncrate them or unbox them and they bolt the pieces on and there’s your build. In my experience in over 15 years I have yet to see a fitness equipment company yet that when they’re finished bolting the bike together in other words you bolt the bases, there’s one on the front, there’s one on the rear – you screw the pedals on, you put the seat tower in the frame, the seat slider on top of the seat tower, you put the handlebars on the bike and that is your assembly. What about the alignment of the magnet basket? What about the tensioning of the chain or the lubrication of the chain? What about the tension in the magnet basket and the alignment of the magnet basket? What about the pitch on the teeth of the flywheel sprocket or the pitch on the teeth of the chain wheel in the rear? What about the mobility of the levelers? What about the correct tension setting for the interface on the clip pedals? We do so much to our bikes before we send them out. You’d be amazed if you saw all the things that we did. And then if you’re a fitness equipment company, I’m sorry a fitness facility looking for bikes, we have packages on the Schwinn AC Performances. When you factor in our pro-level building and tuning, our over packaging and then – here’s what you do – you have a bike building party – get some wine, get some friends, have a little party on a Saturday or a Sunday. Don’t drink too much wine or you’re seats will be going backwards. But what you do is you have a conference call with me and a group of people – get 3 or 4 people who mechanical aptitude including or not including yourself. Take your time. Put the bikes together. Here’s why this is you’d probably do a better job than a fitness equipment company. You have a vested interest in your bikes. You have paid for your bikes. And watching all those bikes go together or putting them together yourself, gives a sense of pride and accomplishment that you won’t get watching a fitness equipment company bolt your bikes together as fast as they can. Plus if you have an issue with a bike or a computer, we do not tell you to call the manufacturer. You call us. I consulted on this bike for 2 years before it was released. No one in the world knows this bike better than I do and the Schwinn AC Performance or it’s little brother the Schwinn AC Sport – in my opinion are 2 of the most evolved bikes out there. You have perimeter weighting. You have magnetic resistance. You have a wattage base computer with a USB port where you can upload data. This bike is – it’s really, really hard to beat. So before you spend your money on a group of bikes and you get a slick talking salesman here’s what I hate – you meet with a salesman from a fitness equipment company blah, blah, blah, blah, blah – promise, promise, promise, promise, promise. They walk away with a check and a signature and then a team of monkeys comes in and builds your bikes as fast as they can because they’ve got 4 more clubs to do that day. Different story with us. You get your best deal, you call me direct and we’ll talk about how I can help you out. My telephone numbers - 310-664-1375 Cell Phone 818-470-2204 Toll Free 888-909-BIKE. I’m Jeff Wimmer. I own the company. You can call me 10AM to 10PM 7 days a week and I will help you get the best deal on your bike. If you find another deal on a bike Keiser, Schwinn, LeMond, Star Trac, FreeMotion – call me first. I wanna thank you for taking the time to watch this video and best of luck to you on your road to health and fitness.

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