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Schwinn AC Sport Bike Reviews

Hi, I’m Jeff Wimmer from StudioCycles and and in this short YouTube video I wanna talk about customer reviews on the Schwinn AC Sport. Now I have been doing indoor group cycles for close to 20 years. I don’t know anybody else in the industry or the free world that has the depth or scope of experience that I have. I’ve taught 1000s of classes. I’ve written a dozen of the most comprehensive, respected technical manuals specifically to the indoor cycling industry. If you call a lot of the biggest manufacturers in the industry, in the indoor cycling industry, they have my manuals next to their phones for their tech support hotlines. I’ve built, tuned, refurbished and installed tens of thousands of these bikes over the last 15-20 years. I have the only brick and mortar indoor cycling retail stores in the world. I have the largest indoor cycling specific multi-brand warehouse in the world. And I ride and tune every single bike that I sell. And I was a consultant on the AC Series bikes for Schwinn for 2 years or almost 2 years before they released the bikes and I was just awarded the fastest growing national distributor award from Stairmaster Schwinn for 2011 at the IHRSA fitness trade show here in Los Angeles a few weeks back. So I am qualified to report this. Here’s my take on online reviews-: 1. Almost every other company, in fact, every other company that I know of that sells the Schwinn AC bikes specifically the AC Sport, they do one thing – they process a credit card, they send you a box. That is it. That’s the extent of their involvement. End of story. Point blank. Done. When we sell an AC Sport to a consumer or put it into a club we don’t first of all, we don’t build it like a piece of furniture from IKEA. So if you do go somewhere and test the bike, it was most likely built fast and with conventional wisdom. Bolted together. Twallah. There’s your bike. When we build an AC Sport, we actually tear the bike apart before we build it. We do a drivetrain treatment. We change thread barrels. We align, tension, lubricate. We have a 35-40 step build process. We call it the quiet tune build process and the last thing that happens to that bike before it goes into a box or goes into a club is my ass on the seat and I ride, test and tune and align and tension every single bike that leaves my company, period, without exception. So when that happens you end up with the commercial bike, the most evolved bike series in the fitness industry today the Schwinn AC series bikes and you end up with the bike that is optimized to perfection. Now online reviewers they tend to have a limited scope. Maybe an instructor rides a bike that’s you know, that’s my favorite bike, that’s the bike you have to have. Why? Because you like it and it’s the only bike you know of and you’ve been riding it for the last 5 years. Bad idea. You maybe shorter. You may be taller But you might be a cyclist. You might be a non-cyclist. Things like aggressive inertia. Q factor. Biomechanics in the front of the bike, in the back of the bike. There are a lot of things that come into play when choosing the right bike. Multiple parties. Maybe your husband’s taller than you are. Maybe you’re 5’ 2” and your husband is 6’ 1”. There are certain bikes that work great for multiple parties. There are certain bikes that work specifically to a certain sized person and their scope of experience particularly if you’re a non-cyclist. Maybe you’re a runner and you’re trying to rehab knees and you wanna not get surgery but you wanna get you know all those years of impact. Countermeasure with a type of exercise that will promote rehabilitation and heal. There are bikes that are perfect for that. There are bikes that are horrible for that. So the Schwinn AC Sports has the most magnets. It has the strongest bottom bracket. It has the most dynamic handlebars. It has the first comfortable aero position I’ve seen on a bike ever. Flat spots for the forearms and a nice biomechanical radius – it fits the natural curve of the forearm when you engage the aero position. Why am I going on and on about aero positions because if you wanna work the butt, the quads and the core and you engage an aero position, load the resistance, drop your heals and grind from the saddle – there isn’t any exercise that I have ever seen in my life that hits butts, quads and core like a seeded climb with resistance in the aero position and the AC Sport will do that for you. We also have a smoking deal on that bike. Again it’s June 22nd 2012. We’ve got the 2012 Schwinn AC Performance pro-built, hand tuned with the $500 Empower wattage base console for $1449 with 5-6 days fully insured UPS door-to-door shipping. You can call me directly 888-909-BIKE. 310-664-1375 or Cell Phone 818-470-2204. You can call me 10AM to 10PM 7 days a week and you talk to me. If you ever have a problem with your bike, I don’t tell you to call the manufacturer which is what you get from anybody else. You have a problem, you have a question about your bike, you talk to me directly. We sold over 900 bikes last year. I’ve had very very few calls. We had 2 UPS claims last year out of all the bikes that we shipped because of our packaging. Even our packaging is absolutely extraordinary compared to what everybody else does which is simply process your card, grab a box, put it on the truck, see you later. You got a problem with your bike – call the company that made the bike. Not with us. Never, it’s never been that way. It never will be that way. I’m Jeff Wimmer from StudioCycles and I’m gonna give you those phone numbers one more time 888-909-BIKE. 310-664-1375. Cell Phone 818-470-2204. I wanna thank you for taking the time to watch this video and best of luck to you on your road to health and fitness.



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