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IDEA Fitness Convention 2012 Spinner Bike Pro Build

Hi, this is Jeff Wimmer from StudioCycles and and it is Saturday late night July 7th 2012 and I’m exhausted. I’ve been in San Diego at the IDEA world fitness convention. I was down there walking the floor, meeting people and we did the professional build and install for the Star Trac booth at the IDEA world fitness convention. I just stopped by my warehouse on the way from San Diego back to my home in Santa Monica and I’ve been at the warehouse here for couple of hours. I just wanted to do a quick video on our Miller Family YMCA install that we are doing on Monday. I believe it’s the 9th. These are the 2012 Star Trac Spinner NXTs that we are delivering to the Miller Family YMCA on Monday. And Star Trac gave us this build and install. The new 2012 Star Trac Spinner NXT is a new generation. This would be the 4th generation of the new Star Trac Spinner NXT and it’s now a steel frame. I’ve done some videos on YouTube about the 2012 Star Trac Spinner NXT but this is it. I think we do probably the best job of delivering an optimized product. 99.99, in fact every other company I know of in the world, when they do an install, they take the bike out of the box, they bolt it together like a piece of furniture from IKEA. They’re typically not ridden, not tuned, not optimized, not tested. We do a pro-level build. We actually tear the bike apart before we put the bike together and then I personally ride and tune every single bike without exception. And that’s one of the things that I did tonight was I rode and tuned and adjusted each one these bikes so that they are optimal. I believe that the Star Tracs and Schwinns are probably the best bikes out there particularly for most mortal men and women because most people who ride these bikes are not serious cyclists and they don’t have a real strong pedal stroke. And the Schwinns and the Star Trac, they are chain driven so they have a bit of a feel although that is a disadvantage for most purchases because most companies don’t test and optimize and dial the bikes in a way that we do but our chain driven bikes tend to feel like a belt drive. They are actually very quiet. They are very smooth and what we do to the bikes prior to shipping them and these are going into a club so these will be built, these will be delivered fully built and tuned. But when you buy a bike from us for your home, we actually, anywhere else you buy it, they send you one of these. No one’s touched it. The person in China who put the bike in the box is the last person to touch it. You’ll be the next person to touch it. And if you have an issue with your bike, you will call that company and they will tell you to call Star Trac. I consulted on this bike and I know this bike as well as the manufacturer probably better because I notice all the subtle peculiarities when the bike comes out of the box and what needs to be, you know, aligned or tensioned or re-tapped. Even something as simple as leveling and centering the saddle. So if you wanna buy 1 bike for your home, we’re the company because we do pro-level building. We over package. It’ll take you longer to unpack our bike than to put it together and then we’re the only company that I know of in the world where if you’re a consumer you buy a bike from us we do a lifetime free part replacement and you get lifetime email and phone tech support and that tech support is with me. I don’t farm my calls. I don’t send you to another country. I don’t tell you to call the manufacturer. You call me directly. I’m the one who handles all of the technical issues with our bikes and I gotta tell you we have very, very, very few technical issues. And if you’re looking for a group of bikes for your club, this warehouse is absolutely the ultimate destination. We have a custom built facility. We have custom bikes. This is our testing area over here. So if you wanna buy a bike from Schwinn, Star Trac, Keiser, LeMond, FreeMotion, you call me. If you buy a certain number of bikes, I will actually pay for your flight and your hotel to come to my company. You can ride all the major brands side by side by side tuned. We’re also a Stairmaster dealer. In fact we got the fastest growing national distributor award for Stairmaster. We also sell their step mill. Step Mill 5. We carry the SC5 which is the step climber. And we have a couple of the SM916’s brand new. I will beat anybody’s price on mills or climbers. If you’re in Southern California we can do a pro-build. You can pick it up or we can do a pro-build and deliver it into your home or your club or wherever you want it to go. So call me directly - 888-909-BIKE. 310-664-1375 Cell Phone 818-470-2204. And I guarantee you that the conversation you have with me will eclipse all conversations you have will all other companies combined because of my knowledge about these bikes. I’m not a fitness equipment company. I’m an indoor cycling company and I am the guy in the industry globally in the free world when it comes to a perfectly built, tuned and optimized bike. I guarantee it. No question. And not only that but how many companies in the world can you call and you can talk directly to the owner and the owner has the depth and knowledge that I have. And I always say this, if you’re not buying an indoor group cycle or a Spinner model who gives two craps about what I know. But I’ve been doing this for close to 20 years and I’m considered the best at what I do because I take every bike personally. I ride and tune every bike that leaves my company I’m Jeff Wimmer from StudioCycles and I wanna thank you for taking the time to watch this video. You can call me 10AM to 10PM, 7 days a week. Best of luck to you on your road to health and fitness. And by the way I have the only 2 brick and mortar retail stores in the world - one in Laguna Niguel, California, one in Venice, California. They are open Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. If you wanna come in on any other day we’ll make a private appointment for you. And I wanna thank you for taking the time to watch this video and best of luck to you on your road to health and fitness.

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