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Used Schwinn AC Performance bikes for sale - BEWARE

Hi, this is Jeff Wimmer from StudioCycles and This is short video about refurbished AC Performances’ that you will see floating around out there. The AC Performance is discontinued for 2013 because of the introduction of the AC Performance Plus which is very very similar. But the reason I’m doing this video on the AC Performances’ – they introduced the AC Performance and AC Performance Plus about 3 or 4 years ago and the average lease time for fitness equipment in commercial facilities is 3-4 years. So you’re gonna start seeing a lot of AC Performances’ and AC Performance Sports for sale online. And one of the things that drives me nuts is the way that these fitness equipment companies throw around the term refurbished or they’ll say the bike’s been cleaned and serviced or it’s been cleaned and inspected. Which means nothing. Trust me you do not want a bike that’s been in a club for 3-4 years, abused, ridden 3-4 times a day, 7 days a week and reactively maintained not proactively maintained. Plus if you a parallel the fact that most of these bikes are built like furniture from IKEA before they go into a club. They’re not pro-built, they’re not tuned, they’re not optimized. This is a bike that you really wanna do your homework on if you’re gonna buy it used. Then there are 2 areas of the AC bike that I pay particularly close attention to and I recommend that you do the same. One is the magnetic resistance mechanism. This is a mechanism that can easily involve 50-100 pieces. It’s not easy to take a part and put back together again. The AC Performance model and the AC Sport as well use the ISIS bottom bracket. The ISIS bottom bracket which is extremely challenging to remove and replace. I think a lot of companies, if it turns, they’ll leave it alone. I mean this is challenging for us to take out of the bike and replace from the bike is brand new if we find a defective bottom bracket. So these are the 2 key areas of the bike. And even if you have a company that takes them apart and paints them and puts them back together again – if you get a bike like this the AC Performance or the AC Sport and it feels like a chainsaw – don’t be surprised and I wouldn’t recommend calling the company where you get your bike from to help you walk you through adjusting it because if they would have done it correctly – they probably would have done it correctly in the first place. Direct telephone numbers for me Home Office is 888-909-BIKE. Cell Phone is 818-470-2204. My number here in Hawthorne is 310-973-BIKE. You can see if you look around our warehouse, this is the ultimate destination for indoor cycles. We’re not a fitness equipment company. We’re an indoor cycling company. We are the indoor cycling company. I ride, test and tune every bike that goes through my company. I write all the tech manuals. I can solve with all the major manufacturers and I’ve taught 1000s of classes. I know what these bikes are supposed to feel like. We take nothing for granted. When we sell a brand new bike we take it out of the box, we take it apart, we go through it then it’s built completely, then I ride and tune it. Then we do a partial disassembly, we over package, double box, we ship FedEx. We do lifetime part replacement for consumers on most every bike we sell. So keep that in mind. Don’t be swayed by price and price alone and be particularly careful if the website is using a stock photo. My direct telephone numbers again  888-909-BIKE that’s Home Office. Cell Phone is 818-470-2204 and here in Hawthorne you can reach me typically afternoons and evenings 310-973-BIKE. Take care and best of luck to you on your road to health.



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