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Peloton vs Schwinn

Peloton VS. Schwinn

Who Wins...? Watch NOW!


The Worlds foremost expert for indoor cycles weighs in on the Peloton bike!

Jeff Wimmer’s StudioCycles has long been the industry’s leader for all indoor cycle sales and service.
StudioCycles has supplied more indoor cycle clubs nationwide than any other dealer.

  • No fore/aft position on the handlebars
  • Handlebars are not ergonomically correct
  • No guaranteed part or labor warranty (obviously they have no faith in their own product)
  • 14 day return policy(not enough time for you to honestly asses the product…before it falls apart)
  • Poly V Smooth Belt (Schwinn Carbon Blue, for instance, has a superior carbon fiber belt with teeth to authentically mimic a chain drive. Poly V belt stretches over time and uses unreliable tensioners instead actual teeth in the belt like a chain
  • Not a heavy duty Bottom Bracket
  • Tax Applicable to Every Order Nationwide
  • You are forced to pay $250 for assembly which is probably not performed by an actual indoor cycle certified technician
  • The Price is 1995. Not bad right? WRONG! 1995 is just for the bike alone…THEN you need to $468 +tax for the annual subscription membership, $250 set up fee is required, $125 for Shoes per user PLUS Tax on the entire purchase – Giving you a GRAND TOTAL of more than $3,000.00!!! Thinking Peloton®? THINK AGAIN
  • Console costs over $750 to replace when warranty runs out! (not including tax & shipping)