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About Us

Johnny G and Mad Dogg Athletics created the first Spinner® bikes and Jeff Wimmer, founder of StudioCycles, was there in the very beginning. Jeff figured out how to optimize a bikes maximum performance while bringing comprehensive in-depth preventative maintenance to the masses at an easy to understand level with a layman term approach; for EVERY body. As you surf the web, you'll find all of the violators using terms like Spin bike, Spinner bike, Spinning bike, used spin bike, etc. These are indicators of the companies without respect for the program or who has toiled to bring it to the masses.

Jeff Wimmer built StudioCycles in to the COLLECTIVE official and at times unofficial tech support to Schwinn, Star Trac and Spinning. He was handpicked to install bikes in all of the Equinox, Spectrum & Sports Club LA Clubs because he was the only company that did comprehensive builds and professional level installations. Jeff's patented QuiteTune® build yields optimal performance and maximum bike life. Jeff created, and StudioCycles posseses, the only tech manual library in the world as well as the only PPV tech support video library. StudioCycles is the only company in the world to offer pre-tuned, professionally built, life time warranted bikes to consumers PRIOR to shipping upon request. Ask your StudioCycles representative for details about the our Exclusive Pro Build and Tune package and other special promotions!

At StudioCycles we carry the following new and refurbished models: Schwinn AC Performance Plus with Carbon Blue, Schwinn IC Pro, Schwinn AC Sport, Schwinn AC Performance, Schwinn AC Performance Plus, Star Trac Spinner Pro, Star Trac Spinner Elite, Star Trac Spinner NXT, Star Trac Spinner V, Star Trac Spinner Velo, Lemond Revmaser Pro, Lemond Revmaster Sport and the Keiser M3.

Anywhere else you go online, other companies process your card, send you a box and are on to the next sale. StudioCycles knows the customer is KING and we are here to service you long after the sale. Jeff Wimmer's influence has touched the top bikes from the top companies for over 15 years. EVERY bike we touch, tune, ride, repair and consult we take great pride in doing so where it is one bike or 100. You can be assured only the utmost care when ordering from StudioCycles. We want to congratulate you on arriving at the ultimate destination for your ride. Who services you? StudioCycles does. Come on, let's go for a ride!

Mission Statement

StudioCycles aim is to provide a workplace for the individual that utilizes their unique creative talent while encouraging team camaraderie. We strive to raise the overall standards of sales and service within in the fitness industry through innovation, communication and care. Our purpose is to provide a purchasing experience that is informative, motivational and fun.