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Schwinn1 Powered by MOTOSUMO


The only group fitness solution powered by smartphones to track and connect everyone.

Schwinn1 powered by Motosumo is a connected fitness app that instantly transforms a members’ smartphone into a bike console and tool for group training. This app is meant for everyone; studio or club operators, group exercise instructors and members.

Riders can download the app for real time performance measurement and use it to compete and compare. Instructors can easily broadcast to the head of the room to create class engagement and build community with a group leaderboard display. Owners can utilize this low-cost solution to transform any cycling room into a high-tech experience.

Schwinn1 is the only group fitness solution powered by smartphones to track and connect everyone!


How it works

Compatible with all bikes, past-present-future, with or without console, ours or not!

  • Uses 4iiii crank to record Power or display Watt/KG, %FTP
  • Uses Bluetooth heart rate monitors to record BPM or display %HR
  • Calculates duration, distance, calories

Does not communicate directly with ANT+ consoles Group Displays, or with club’s CRM system for bike reservations or admin

Target Customers

  • Looking to instantly inject life into cycling room
  • Instructors are looking for a tool to engage their members with power and heart rate, and to develop their social community
  • Members are hungry for data – road cyclists or overflow from Crossfit or Orange Theory
  • Try before you buy - uncertain of technology and competition in group training
  • Low tolerance for complicated set up, maintenance, and technology updates
  • Low budget - trying to stretch out the life of their bikes or avoid buying consoles


Real time competition, comparison, and measurement:

  • Join your class, be part of the team or race a friend. View the whole class’s progress on your own device, and rate your instructor
  • Easy to use and $FREE$ – just download and ride
  • Monitor cadence, distance, calories and intensity in numbers and personalized COLOR ZONES
  • Bring your history home
  • Join social competitions through your studio or globally through Schwinn and Motosumo


Class engagement and community building:

  • Coach and motivate your team using real metrics, color zones, games and goals
  • Directly interact with your members by triggering countdowns, sound effects, and emojis from your smartphone to theirs
  • Grow your following and your social community


Low barrier to entry for creating a high-tech experience

  • Member Retention - quantified competition on the member’s smart device only and on a Group Display
  • Acquisition Tools – studio location is searchable by geolocation on the free consumer app
  • Low Maintenance – updates and new features upgrades are software based and automatic, and there is no additional equipment to service
  • Intelligence – receive stats and insights on members, instructors, and classes
  • On bikes with a powermeter and for members with heart rate monitors, the app instantly converts the studio into a performance facility with the ability to train with power and quantified intensity





Future Development

Updates are monthly and pushed directly to members

  • Instructors can design the class beforehand and control their music direct from their smartphone
  • Clubs can create and customize their own competitions for members, within franchise locations, and with other clubs
  • Group cycling gamification from the guy who gave you Hitman and Tomb Raider
  • Members can also push their class data directly to their favorite tracking apps like Strava
  • Invite a Friend