Jeff Wimmer; How He Changed the Spinning Industry Forever

"Heroes get remembered, but legends never die." (Babe Ruth)

People come to the world, live a life, and die. This cycle continues for most of us, but some are remembered for decades. Only a very few become eternal for humanity because they have ruled the hearts. Jeff Wimmer is one such rare example who was a born hero. The man behind the introduction of the spinning industry to new marvels. It was just a start, but in no time, he ensured the transformation in the indoor cycling industry reached its pinnacle point. 

You might not be aware of Jeff Wimmer, but most likely have enjoyed the fruits of his expertise. He was a great mentor, unparalleled instructor, unmatched expert, and above all, a humble human being. He was not just a human but the ambassador of cycling to this world. 

Here today, gone tomorrow. Everything in this world is temporary, but his services to the indoor cycling industry and humanity will be written in golden words. Let's dive deep down into his life to know how audacious person Jeff was and the services he offered. 

At the dawn of 1st April 1965, Jeff was born in Washington DC. After getting his early education, he followed his passion which brought him to California. Jeff's love for bikes compelled him to work at various bike shops in California. This was the point where the gem of the indoor cycling industry found the real purpose of his life. 

When Mad Dogg and Johnny G were developing the first Spinner Bike, Jeff perfected it. Through years of work and dedication, Jeff explored newer horizons of the cycling industry. To experiment with his dreams and visions, he created Studio Cycles. 

Jeff Wimmer not only experimented with optimizing the performance of bikes but also empowered riders on overall maintenance. After years of expertise, he wrote and created a manual, which is still taken as Bible for the indoor cycling industry. 

The worth of manual can be well-judged from the words of Collen— a worker at YMCA;

"I had no budget for a technician, so I ordered one of his manuals and some of my cycling friends and I got to work repairing the bikes. Our program grew, we were able to purchase new bikes, but I could never get rid of that first manual since it was the reason we had such a successful program. Thank you, Jeff Wimmer, for your passion and expertise."

Jeff Wimmer also offered technical support to multiple brands, including Star Trac, Spinning, and Schwinn Indoor Cycling. The reformer and the major contributor to the cycling industry, Jeff eradicated numerous flaws in prototypes of various best-selling cycles and supervised their preparation. 

Now, every top-selling brand or best-selling cycle is based on the epic expertise of Wimmer. So, if you're using an indoor cycle or any accessories associated with it, Jeff Wimmer is the real man behind it. 

The words of Jennifer Sage from Indoor Cycling Association say everything about services he has offered to the industry;

"He knew more about every kind of bike in this industry than anyone else…in the world! The indoor cycling industry will not be the same without him."

Death is the undeniable reality of every living being, but the legacy must continue. That's the motto of Studio Cycles. We hold and proudly own the only tech manual library and PPV tech-support video library in the industry created by Jeff Wimmer.

That's the reason we are building highly professionally tuned cycles using Jeff's recipe to offer an optimal experience to our customers. 

We provide a lifetime guarantee with every cycle that goes out of the studio to our home users. We have the time-tested and proven experitse of Jeff Wimmer that he injected in Studio Cycles. 

How Indoor Cycling looks in Vision of Jeff Wimmer

Wimmer was not just a cycling expert but a visionary leader. That's why he left so much knowledge and assets on which the whole industry is still running. Indoor cycles help people to enjoy good health; that might be the reason he had injected so much effort into this industry. 

Let's give a little sneak at the countless benefits of Indoor Cycling; 

Strengthen Lower Body Muscle: It prevents your lower-body muscles from stiffness, especially when the age progresses. It eradicates muscle imbalances, so you can enjoy a full range of motion which boosts your muscle endurance. A 2016 study revealed that cycling relieves pains and joint stiffness, commonly associated with people having osteoarthrosis while doing exercises.  

Calorie Burner: Hundreds of people opt for multiple diets to get rid of extra fat or calories to enjoy a comfortable life. According to Harvard research, a person using stationary cycling can easily reduce 253 calories with just 30 minutes at an average pace. 

Convenience: Indoor cycling industry will always remain indebted to Jeff's contribution, especially the customization he has introduced in it. If you're going to visit some other place, disassemble the cycle, pack, and grab it with you. Now, simply reassemble it and start your workout. This helps to create unbreakable momentum on your exercising journey.

Gentle for Joints: It's a closed chain low-impact cardio workout. It allows people to enjoy an intense workout without stressing their joints. 

In addition, indoor cycling builds endurance and countless other benefits to riders. You might wonder how a person can go into this level to build and promote something with innumerable benefits. Yes, you're right to think so because Wimmer was the miraculous person for a reason. When someone's passion becomes his profession, then miracles happen. 

The Bottom Line

Studio Cycles has collected every golden nugget left behind by Jeff Wimmer to offer a seamless experience to our customers. You can buy Keiser, Star Trac, Precor, Schwinn, and multiple other top-rated cycle brands from Studio Cycle. The value-to-money ratio is undoubtedly going to shock you. Additionally, Christmas offers are just at your door. Go, and check it out!

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Every thing we offer at Studio Cycles is inspired but Jeff's passion for cycling, and we're committed to continuing his legacy. Just make a call, and our expert team will handle all your questions. Call Now!