Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide an unparalleled experience for each client from initial consultation to lifelong service after the sale. We believe our clients deserve the best, and therefore demand the best from our dedicated team.

Our Community

The foundation of our community is within all who possess a passion for health, wellness, and personal transformation. From individual riders to commercial studios, StudioCycles has dedicated nearly 30 years to helping all who share in this passion. Your journey started by answering a call to action, and StudioCycles is here to support you through your quest to become the absolute best you can be.

Our Story

StudioCycles was founded in 1995 by visionary, Jeff Wimmer. To understand the values of StudioCycles, is to understand Jeff’s genius, passion and dedication. When Johnny G and Mad Dogg Athletics created the first Spinner® bike, Jeff Wimmer was there to make them even better. Through intensive research and experimentation, Jeff developed a way to optimize a bike’s performance while educating riders on comprehensive maintenance. Not only did Jeff offer official tech support to Schwinn, Star Trac, and Spinning - he also tested and improved prototype cycles for the major manufactures before they went on to becoming some of the best selling cycles of all time. Early in his career, Jeff developed his Exclusive Proprietary Pro Build & Tune, a detailed method to achieve a cycles optimal performance and while maximizing the life of the cycle.

Jeff’s legacy lives on at StudioCycles. Jeff created, and now StudioCycles protects, the only tech manual library as well as the only PPV tech support video library. We are the only company in the world to offer professionally built and tuned cycles with Jeff’s patented QuietTune® process that allows us to a lifetime warranty for our riders. Everyday, we uphold Jeff’s vision for StudioCycles to deliver premium indoor cycles that are professionally Pro Built & Tuned to our community of passionate riders.