Welcome to Our Story

At StudioCycles, we deliver premium indoor cycling bikes to our community of passionate riders. Whether it’s rejuvenating a pre-loved bike or fine-tuning a new one - we take pride in the details of our work

Our Team

Our mission is to bring premium indoor cycling bikes to our community of passionate riders. We are driven to deliver high-quality equipment and support that empowers each rider on their transformative wellness journey.

Our Community

We celebrate the uniqueness of each rider and their path of personal transformation. Through your drive and our experience, we will reach that next level. Let’s take that journey together.

Our Journey

StudioCycles was founded in 1995 by visionary, Jeff Wimmer. To understand the values of StudioCycles, is to understand Jeff’s genius, passion and dedication. When Johnny G and Mad Dogg Athletics created the first Spinner® bike, Jeff Wimmer was there to make them even better. Through intensive research and experimentation, Jeff developed a way to optimize a bike’s performance while educating riders on comprehensive maintenance. Not only did Jeff offer official tech support to Schwinn, Star Trac, and Spinning - he was also selected to install bikes in all of the Equinox, Spectrum, and Sports Club across Los Angeles. Through this experience, Jeff patented QuiteTune®, a detailed method to achieve a bike’s optimal performance and maximize the life fo the bike.

Jeff’s legacy lives on at StudioCycles. Jeff created, and now StudioCycles protects, the only tech manual library as well as the only PPV tech support video library. We are the only company in the world to offer pre-tuned, professionally built bikes with a lifetime warranty for our riders. Everyday, we uphold Jeff’s vision for StudioCycles to deliver premium indoor cycles to our community of passionate riders.