Why Schwinn?

a World Class cycle

Schwinn has been the leader in indoor cycles sales from the very beginning and the top selling Scwhinn AC Performance Plus with Carbon Blue belt drive offers the highest quality bike on the market with no additional monthly subscription fees for as long as you own your bike

  No monthly subscription fees = 0 dollars forever to stream free content & classes on the internet
•  A Built in Tablet holder where you can stream content for FREE on your personal tablet (tablet not included)
•  Lifetime warranty
•  Highest grade components •  Quiet, Smooth Belt Drive Technology
•  Virtually no maintenance or in home service calls
•  An Authentic Cycling experience
•  Perfect cycle for the avid professional or indoor cycling newcomer
•  A tried and true brand that puts money in to the bike quality not just marketing or gimmicks
•  High density aluminum frame
•  Dual water bottle holder
•  Convenient transport wheels for easy bike movement
•  Professional grade dual sided pedal
•  Commercial grade bottom bracket
•  Commercial grade magnetic brake system
•  Again, NO MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION fees which will save you THOUSANDS over the lifetime ownership and use of this cycle

With Schwinn you have the choice of streaming cycle classes, watching Netflix or simply surfing the web on your personal tablet or choosing to unplug from watching a screen in front of your face altogether. We live in a world where we are more and more connected and plugged in at every turn. Considering most of us already stare at a screen ALL DAY you can choose to listen to some great music or a book on audio instead.