The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best At-Home Fitness Equipment

Best At-Home Fitness Equipment


A home gym is a downsized commercial gym with specialized fitness equipment used to reach your exercising goals at the comfort of you home. Kinds of equipment include cardio equipment like professional indoor bikes, weight machines, and various other gym equipment. Gym equipment for home use can be inexpensive and easy to assemble, but inexpensive doesn’t mean unprofessional.

Table of Content

  1.  What is a Home Gym?
  2. What Are the Pros of Having a Home Gym Vs Going to the Gym?
  3. How To Choose The Best Fitness Equipment For A Home Gym?
  4. Other Things to Consider Before Buying Gym Fitness Equipment for Home
  5. What Is the Importance of At-Home Fitness Equipment?

When most gyms were shut down due to the global pandemic, people were forced to use their creativity when it came to their daily exercise routines and going to the gym. Though the concept of in-person workouts has resumed somewhat many people continue to stream online workouts and prefer exercising at home and call it a home gym. You must be wondering what is a home gym exactly, let’s take a deeper look.

What is a Home Gym?

What is a Home Gym

A home gym is a compact unit of fitness equipment designed to allow you to perform several exercises at one station. Home gyms are also referred to as multi-gyms or multis.

Home gym equipment is designed with the ideology that it should be versatile to be used in many different ways. It is created so that it can fill a spare room, basement, or garage so that you can do weight lifting and other exercises at home.

If you have ever thought about opting for or designing a home gym, you might have also thought that the convenience of exercising in your own private space would wipe out all of that lingering laziness when it came to getting your daily exercise? Well, to an extent it definitely will!

Saving time and privacy are the main benefits of having a home gym. Also, if membership fees, startup costs, maintenance fees, and additional annual charges are a constant part of your exercise life, then it must be something that you would like to eliminate, right? Opting for a commercial gym might look like one of the most convenient options for weight lifting, but the truth is that it is one of the most costly in the long run. On the other hand, having gym equipment at your home like the indoor cycling bike is one of the most cost-saving and convenient benefits for both the short and the long term. Lets look at the benefits of having a home gym.

What Are the Pros of Having a Home Gym Vs Going to the Gym?

Home Gym Vs Going to the Gym

Here we'll look at a few reasons why a home gym is a better option than going to the gym.

1. Get rid of gym membership fees

When you invest in getting home gym equipment you end up saving your money. We live in an era where gyms claim that their memberships are the most affordable, whereas the truth is that the membership of the gyms will cost you hundreds of dollars. In one year, a $30 per month membership will cost you $360, and in this case, you don't get to keep anything. However, for the same investment of two years, you can buy Schwinn A.C. Performance Plus with Carbon Blue from Studio Cycles.

2. Your home gym is open 24/7

It is daunting task for many people to get to the gym. You can cut down this issue right away by working out from the comfort of your home. By doing this, you will never have to worry about traffic, getting to the gym, the gym schedule, or the closing time of the gym. Your home gym will be ready for you when you are ready to use it.

3. Your home gym is more convenient


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Most of us are not so lucky to always have a local gym nearby. Even a short drive to the gym can deduct more than 15+ minutes from your daily day hours. In addition, the time you spend traveling to the gym can be used to work out at home. Plus you’ll never have to wait for equipment, have to deal with another person's body odor, sweat, or anything else.

4. Avoid longer gym queues

If you are a gym freak, you will know that it will be very difficult to stop the regular weight lifting or exercising once your gym starts because the body will demand movement. Having your gym setup at home means that you will never have to stop for others to finish their sets and adjust the machines to fit your needs. With at-home gym equipment, your machines and equipment will always be ready for you. This way, you will be able to save a lot of time for yourself that you can use in your workout.

5. Bring home your favorite gym equipment

Walking inside a gym can be quite overwhelming and you can potentially get lost just looking at the multiple machines for different muscle groups. Now you can cut down the confusion factor by getting specific targeted adjustable machines and types of equipment designed for your workout needs.

Are you ready and excited to make this change in your life? Then, get indoor gym equipment, like an indoor exercise bike, and reap these benefits. Most of you must be wondering how to select the perfect gym equipment; lets dive deeper into the subject.

How to Choose the Best Fitness Equipment for a Home Gym?

Best Fitness Equipment for a Home Gym

If you are wondering what the best equipment for your home gym is, then read on to learn more.

Regular daily exercise can help you to improve your health and wellness. For example, it is known to reduce the risk of illnesses like cardio diseases while helping you in the best ways to improve your weight. In addition, several studies depict that exercise helps to improve self-esteem, enhances mood, and promotes quality sleep.

Here is a list of some practical tips to help you analyze home workout equipment with the best value.

1. Cardiovascular exercise equipment

Cardio machines are fitness equipment that are used for cardiovascular exercises and improve heart health. One can easily find these machines at the gyms, fitness centers, or maybe at home. Doing exercise on these types of fitness equipment can help burn the fat and calories and assist in enhancing the capacity of the lungs.

Cardio gym equipment is known to eliminate the risk of health conditions like diabetes and heart disease. 15-20 minutes of cardio exercise each day can help deal with stress and make it easier for the person to sleep at night. The best equipment for cardio exercises includes the following-

  • Treadmill

The treadmill can help you in walking and running indoors. When seriously looking to buy one, consider looking at the different models with different speeds and inclines. It is suggested that one consider looking for a treadmill that offers built-in heart rate monitoring. Treadmills with front, side rails, and emergency stops offer the added factor of safety to eliminate the risk factor of getting injured. If you wish to make your investment last, consider buying a treadmill with a sturdy frame and a powerful motor that ensures durability.

  • Stationary bike

When it comes to the stationary bike, for gym equipment, you must be well versed with the idea that it does not require any training. The bike is easy to use for exercising and practicing cardiovascular training in the comfort of your home. Schwinn indoor cycling bike is one of the best investments you will make as it offers you with multiple aspects of adjustable resistance.

2. Home gym equipment for strength training

Although cardio equipment will help you improve your health and appearance, using strength training in your fitness routine will help you build muscles and increase fat burn.

With the help of strength training, you will be able to work on the aspect of bone density and reduce the chances of injuries. The most commonly used strength equipment includes the following-

- Exercise mat

With the help of a cushioned exercise mat, you will be able to have a comfortable floor for your home workouts. In addition, you can use this mat to enhance your yoga skills and work on your body muscles in total.

- Hand weights

Based on your current strength, you can start with weight lifting accordingly. If you are a beginner, then you can start with light weights.

You need to understand that weight training is a type of strength training that uses weight for resistance. It provides stress to the muscles that cause them to adapt and get stronger.

These are a few types of equipment that you can use to build strength and stay fit at your home, but there are several other factors that you should look into; these factors are-

Ask yourself, what do I want to achieve?

To help you conclude in what direction you should take with your home gym equipment, you need to ask yourself what are your goals and commitments you are willing to make.

Other Things to Consider Before Buying Gym Fitness Equipment for Home

Things to Consider Before Buying Gym Fitness
1. Brand

    Look at the brand of fitness equipment. Ensure that you always buy equipment from a reputable dealer that promises durability and quality products such as Studio Cycles. Getting a product from a reputable brand will make sure you meet the necessary safety standards of the equipment, and hence you will be less prone to get injured. You must also remember to check the warranty, installation, and maintenance support of the product that you are getting.

    With the advancements in technology, there has been a change in exercising. As a result, fitness equipment manufacturers are constantly innovating new products and are adding new fitness equipment to their evolving lines.  Talk with sales representatives to learn about the right equipment to match up with your exercise goals.

    2. Knowledge about your specific exercise goals

    You need to understand your body's needs before you decide on your equipment purchase. For instance, strength is important to build muscles and strengthen bones. It exercises all the major muscle groups such as the arms, legs, back, and abdomen. In addition, strength training helps control weight gain, improves cardio health, and helps fight arthritis, diabetes, and depression.

    However, you may need to focus on fat burn or increasing your cardio for heart health.  These are very personal decisions and require you to learn more about your current state of health and what your personal goals are.

    3. Space consideration for your home gym

    One of the most important considerations of the home gym is the shape and size of the room. It will help you decide the type and amount of equipment you will be able to include, so be sure to choose the location of your home gym carefully.

    Double check with your sales representative to ensure that the fitness equipment will indeed fit the space you have carved out for a home gym.  The last thing you want to do is order a piece of equipment that won’t fit! 

    4. Look into the factor of budget 

    Considering your budget is one of the important things that you review before making any serious purchase. Ensure that you calculate your budget as building a home gym can require a considerable amount of funds. Conduct your due diligence and know the prices of various gym equipment by various gym manufacturing brands. You can do this with the help of the internet. Thorough research will help you to end up with a great deal.

    These are a few things that you should consider before you plan to invest in at-home fitness gym equipment.

    What Is the Importance of At-Home Fitness Equipment?

    Importance of At-Home Fitness Equipment

    When it comes to exercise, everyone has different preferences. For example, some people prefer easy walking and jogging, which requires minimal gear or equipment, and others like to handle weights and prefer various fitness machines.

    It is important to have at-home fitness equipment for several reasons which we list below.

    1. More control

    There are times when the muscles and joints are overworked due to extreme exercise; the body tires easily. Making use of a proper gym machine like a Schwinn exercise bike will help you to avoid injury. By controlling the motion path, the body gets a more efficient and a safe workout.

    2. Better management of time efficiency

    The variation of gears allows people to practice efficient circuit training. With home gym equipment, people can perform transitional exercises with minimal sets in between their sets; and it will become easy and approachable for any level of rider.

    3. It provides better resistance

    For those looking to gain optimal strength of their muscles at home, bodyweight exercises are not just enough. If you are looking forward to increasing your muscle mass and size, a spirit fitness indoor cycle will be able to help you to accomplish your goals.

    By investing in a home gym, you will save money on gas, membership fees, and fancy workout clothes. With the help of your one-time purchase, you will have everything that you need to exercise regularly, wisely, and conveniently without ever leaving your home.

    You've been dreaming of the perfect fitness equipment for your home long enough! You deserve the absolute best in workout routines. Treat yourself by calling us at 888-412-8773 to speak with a fitness equipment expert today and setup the home workout of your dreams.