Three Things We Love About the Stages SC3

Studio Cycles is so much more than a fitness brand. We’re a community of health-minded professionals dedicated to helping everyone reach their fitness goals. To get you there, we recommend the Stages SC3 — a gym-quality indoor bike purpose-built for home workouts. 

Studio Cycles’ sales leader Chris Birky shares his top three reasons why he loves the Stages SC3 (and why you will, too!).

1. Advanced Versatile Console for Workouts YOUR Way

Birky reveals that the Stages SC3 brings the industry’s most advanced console to the market. It’s highly attractive and adjustable to your preferred viewing height and angle. 

Plus, it includes the SC3 Power Meter to track your progress. Accuracy is everything when you’re putting in the time and effort. The Stages SC3 can help you decide how much harder and farther you need to go to reach that next level, and you can do it all with confidence. 

“Use it to connect with different fitness apps and track your workouts with your favorite tools, like Fitbit, Apple, or whatever you use,” Birky points out. “It’s the best thing in the market right now.”

2. SprintShift for Comfort Adjustments on the Fly

No bike workout is one-size-fits-all. Just like a real trek on a road bike, the SprintShift allows for quick and easy adjustments to your resistance and height while you’re pedaling. Go straight into or out of a climb with a quick turn of the knob. 

And if you hit the proverbial wall, Birky suggests using the emergency push-to-stop button to end your workout safely.

3. CarbonGlyde Drive System for an Authentic Experience

The ribbed carbon fiber belt lends so much to this indoor cycling experience, making it seem more like the real thing. “It replicates that outdoor feel better than any other bike I’ve used,” says Birky. “It’s significant in the performance of the bike and the experience you get while riding it.”

Fall in Love with Our Stages SC3!

Indoor cycling has never felt more authentic. Explore the benefits of the Stages SC3 and get excited for a premium riding experience!