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michael esz
a week ago
Studio Cycles provided expert service in informing me of all the available options that I needed to know about prior to purchasing the Schwinn AC Sport cycle bike. They were able to keep me informed and remain patient as I asked a lot of questions. The Experience couldn't have been smoother, and we are excited to receive our purchase. I would highly recommend contacting Jay at Studio Cycles and letting him educate you on spinning bikes. He was excellent and very thorough with his knowledge and made me feel comfortable about this purchase.
Josh Newman
a week ago
My girlfriend and I have been in the market for a quality indoor spin bike and after doing our own research we called Studio Cycles and spoke with Steve about the Schwinn AC Performance Plus with Carbon Blue. He was extremely knowledgeable and thorough with answering all of our questions and helped us customize our purchase to best suit our needs. The process couldn't have gone more smoothly and we are 100% confident we made the right choice to purchase our new bike from Studio Cycles. Thanks again, Steve. We can't wait to get our new bike!
Brett Patton
a week ago
Steve at Studio Cycles provided nothing short of the best and most outstanding customer service I have ever dealt with and I buy a lot of things all over the country. He was extremely patient with me and answered several dozen questions I had. I feel extremely comfortable and thrilled with my purchase of a Schwinn AC performance plus with carbon blue. I highly recommend Studio Cycles as well as Steve if you are interested in purchasing an indoor exercise bike. I guarantee you won't be disappointed if you call him. 11/16/16 -I just received my bike the other day and all I can say is I am 1000% satisfied with studio cycles. Steve came through with flying colors and did everything he said he would do. The bike came perfectly packaged and arrived on time. These guys did an awesome job packaging and wrapping the bike for shipment. It arrived on time with everything inside that Steve promised. I cannot recommend these guys enough. Thank you so much!
Bill Fitzgerald
a week ago
My wife and I were looking for a good spinning bike for our home gym and were finding it difficult to find our way through all the various offerings. Jay with Studio Cycles spoke with me over the phone and did a great job walking me through the features and benefits of the Schwinn AC Performance Plus with Carbon Blue. He answered all my questions and put me at ease with my decision to invest in the Schwinn spinning bike. It was really helpful to find someone like Jay who really knows his product and was able to educate me on the different options that are out there on the market.
Julie DeFeo
a week ago
Jay was great to work with. He answered all of my questions and was very patient with me as I was trying to decide on the best spin bike option for me. I called him on his cell phone three times before making a decision!! The ordering process went very smoothly. I am so excited and can't wait until my bike arrives! I'll post again once my shipment arrives to update you on how delivery went and how awesome my bike is!!
Amir Ghaferi
a week ago
We were super lucky to come across this company. My wife and I were interested in the Peloton bike and came across a great video wives by Studio Cycles that compared it to another great bike (Schwinn AC). The video was not only informative, but also help solidify our decision to get a high end exercise bike.

When we called, Steve was a huge help. He even helped us save money by recommending a less expensive bike based on our needs. We're waiting in our delivery and are super excited to start cycling! I would not hesitate to give them a call if you are interested in a new cycling machine!
David Rollend
a week ago
If you are looking for expert advice on spin bikes then Studio Cycles should be your company of choice! Steve Brazilai who is one of their VP of sales was more than helpful in profiling a spin bike that would best suit my needs. As a veteran cyclist who currently trains on a spin bike, Steve pointed out many key factors such as the benefits of a perimeter weighted flywheel, magnetic breaking, a stronger and more robust crank assembly along with the new carbon fiber belt that would provide years maintenance free service. Components that will perform to a level that even the most senior and dedicated cyclist could appreciate. However at the same token, Steve was very careful not to sell me something he felt I didn't need and in my case was the upgrade on the pedals. Overall, my experience with Studio Cycles has been great so far and would like to thank Steve again for his professionalism, breath of knowledge and experience in helping me choose the right spin bike. Dave-
Fabian O.
a week ago
I had a great experience with Studio-cycles, Steve, answered all my questions thoroughly and even gave some helpful suggestions. All in all he spent roughly 20 minutes with me and made sure I was confident before making my purchase. I ended up purchasing the Schwinn A/C performance plus with the Blue carbon belt. Going off the customer service that I have had with the company initially, I would recommend Studio-cycles for your cycling equipment needs.
Jeff V.
a week ago
Today, after considerable prior research and a couple phone calls with Stephen Uzan, with Total Body Experts, we decided to purchase the Schwinn AC Performance Plus with Carbon Blue Belt. Steve was extremely helpful and patient answering our questions. At one point, he laid out a convincing argument that the Chain Drive was a lower cost option and would be extremely durable and low maintenance over the life of the bike, in a non-commercial environment. While we opted to purchase the Carbon Blue Belt instead of a Chain Drive, primarily to keep the noise levels down during our workouts, we appreciated his expertise and thorough knowledge of the Bikes design and performance. Overall, this was an excellent buying experience and we are looking forward to the arrival of our new Spin Bike.
Janice Daines
a week ago
I had a great experience which included a phone call where I actually spoke with Steve the general manager about the purchase of an at home spin cycle. He was very thorough and patient with me as I compared several bikes. He even spent time helping me compare and contrast their competitor's bike and he was very fair about it. My experience was a positive one all around. I recommend if you're making a pricey purchase take the time to call and get the personal service you deserve.
Suzette Beene
a week ago
I had an awesome experience buying from studio cycles. Jay was very kind and helpful in helping me make a decision on which cycle to purchase. I found studio cycles by doing some research and saw one of their videos. I really liked what the company stood for and how they stood behind their product. So if you are looking to purchase a cycle, I highly recommend studio cycles.
George Hyland, Jr
in the last week
Steve was very helpful and patient with my questions. He was very knowledgeable about the Schwinn, which is what I wanted. After much research, I decided it was going to be the AC Sport and definitely glad I got it from Studio Cycles. Better price and package than anywhere else. Do your homework, and you'll end up here. Thanks Steve!
Darren Poesel
in the last week
I cannot say enough good things about Steve and the excellent customer service I experienced. He patiently answered all my questions and provided me with valuable insights into my bike. Steve genuinely cares about the products he represents and treats your more like family than just a customer. I would recommend him to anyone without any reservation. Darren in Fayetteville, NC.
Steve Sagraves
in the last week
Studio Cycles is everything that I have read and heard heard about. I was going to purchase another bike and all the hype that goes with it until I went on youtube and started doing some more research on exercise bikes. I came across Jay from Studio Cycles comparing the 2 bikes I was comparing and hands down Studio Cycle is the real deal. That video saved me a lot of grief and gave me the assurance that this is my bike. Jay gave out his cell number on the video and said if we had questions to call him and I did! He not only answered the phone (which shocked me) but he answered all my questions and sold me a bike (not a residential grade but a commercial bike). He spent a good 35 minutes with me and would have spent longer if needed. Studio Cycles Lifetime Guarantee, not the one year I was going to get with the other bike I was thinking of buying and free shipping to boot. Cash in my pocket!!! Thank you Jay and Studio Cycles from across the country brother!!! Cant wait to ride! Steve Orlando, Fl
Jerry meals
in the last week
I called to inquire about a Schwinn Spin Bike, in doing so I was speaking to Steve B. I had a very informative discussion before deciding to purchase. Steve was very good at explaining the differences, since I was purchasing the bike as a gift for my wife. Steve didn't try to sell me the most expensive bike though that was the one I was expecting to buy. I had a pleasent and easy transaction. I'm sure my wife will be thrilled.
almeria campbell
in the last week
I've been researching spin bikes for at least 6 months. Steve was wonderfully patient with me and knowledgeable about the bikes I researched and saved me money too. Who does that? Steve helped me in a 2 hour conservation, finally make a descision. Your health is your wealth. I'm excited about receiving my Schwinn bike. Studio Cycle, kudos for amazing customer service.
Peggy Schmid
in the last week
My experience with Steve at Studio Cycles couldn't have been better. After trying to communicate via chat our connection was lost, but it was only a few minutes and I got a personal call from Steve. He answered all my questions, was very knowledgeable about the equipment, and helped me through the process of deciding which bike was the best for us. I would definitely recommend using Studio Cycles! Peggy
Beth L
in the last week
I contacted Studio Cycles after researching options for a durable residential exercise/spin bike. Steve B. assisted me in making the selection that was right for me and the intended use of the bike by thoroughly discussing the options for each model under consideration. The purchasing experience couldn't have been easier, as Steve listened to me and didn't try to "upsell" me on more expensive equipment or items that I didn't need. I will absolutely recommend Studio Cycles to anyone in the market for a quality fitness bike.
Lissa Werthmann
in the last week
Definitely 5 Stars!!!
I had a great experience working with Steve at StudioCycles, a real exercise bicycle expert. He took his time to work with me to determine what I needed and explained each detail along the way. If you are considering purchasing an exercise bike ask for Steve. BTW I got the Schwinn A. C. Performance Plus with carbon blue. Very excited for it's arrival. I will review the bike down the road.
Janice Daines
in the last week
I had a great experience which included a phone call where I actually spoke with Steve the general manager about the purchase of an at home spin cycle. He was very thorough and patient with me as I compared several bikes. He even spent time helping me compare and contrast their competitor's bike and he was very fair about it. My experience was a positive one all around. I recommend if you're making a pricey purchase take the time to call and get the personal service you deserve.
Brett Patton
a week ago
Steve at Studio Cycles provided nothing short of the best and most outstanding customer service I have ever dealt with and I buy a lot of things all over the country. He was extremely patient with me and answered several dozen questions I had. I feel extremely comfortable and thrilled with my purchase of a Schwinn AC performance plus with carbon blue. I highly recommend Studio Cycles as well as Steve if you are interested in purchasing an indoor exercise bike. I guarantee you won't be disappointed if you call him.
Michael Myers
2 weeks ago
Stephen Uzan and the Total Body Experts did a great job of listening to my needs, recommending the best solution and providing me with not only the best price, but the best value all wrapped into a package deal. I am grateful for their knowledge, expertise and for their customer service. It is apparent that Steve really values customer satisfaction.
I will recommend TBE to my friends.
Keep up the good work!
Jennifer Peck
a week ago
What an awesome company! I was doing research on spin bikes, was pretty "set" on the Peloton but then starting seeing some pretty poor reviews. That's when I stumbled on Studio-Cycles. WOW. I was on their site on a Sunday and went into live chat. Well I never expected I'd be talking to the VP of the company. Instead of chatting online, we got on the phone.....on a SUNDAY! Steve walked me through all the pros and cons of several bikes, and helped me choose the perfect bike for me. I can't wait for it to arrive. I can't recommend these guys enough. Amazing service, highly knowledgable and just a delight to work with!
Admin Senscion
in the last week
Probably the best purchasing experience in my life. After almost a year not working out, it was time to adopt a new fitness program. Studio-Cycles to the rescue! Deciding to get into indoor cycling, and countless views of the Studio-Cycles comparison reviews of Schwinn, Peloton and Star Trac, I reached out to Stephen Uzan, who was tremendously supportive and a great wing man to help me determine the best bike for me. Hands down, the Schwinn AC Performance Carbon Blue is the best choice. Steve supported my concern for cost and immediately looked into and found the best scenarios, in addition to ensuring I got the best deal with the signature Studio-Cycle warranty and service. Studio-Cycle is for REAL!! The best experts, focused on providing the best and honest reviews and recommendations to get you in the best possible bike. I'm convinced whether I bought the bike or not (so glad I did), the Steve and the rest of the team would still give outstanding customer service. Thanks so much Steve! This is what a buying experience should be!
Michael G
Khrishnan Delacruz
in the last week
Absolutely a great experience. Stephen Uzan was very helpful in assisting me with deciding which cardio equipment was best suited for my needs. The whole process from initial search to final purchase was done very professionally and I am certain other customers will experience the same. Thank you for your business and keep up the great work!
Charleen Smotrycz
3 weeks ago
I was looking to purchase a preowned ARC Trainer and Total Body Experts came highly recommended to me. The level of professionalism I experienced was a pleasant surprise. I spoke with Steve who subscribed to the ultimate sales philosophy, "Don't just meet client expectations, exceed them". I would highly recommend Total Body Experts and would certainly purchase equipment from them again.
Jenny Solis
a month ago
Hi. I just got off the phone with Stephen Uzan who helped me with the ordering process. He was awesome. He was very informative, friendly and all around just the best in helping me make my decision on purchasing my spin bike. I can't wait to get my bike. I will definitely tell family and friends and steer them in Steve's direction. I will update my review once I get my purchase, that I'm so excited I made! Thank you rock! :)
rex witherspoon
2 weeks ago
I worked with Augustine Pizano and got absolutely wonderful customer service!! There was an upgraded stairmaster delivered to another customer in Arizona who couldn't take delivery. Augustine called me and offered the upgraded Stairmaster to me with no upcharge. He was courteous, and followed up very promptly. I am super happy and will look forward to getting my new Stairmaster and knocking a few pounds off.
Wame Waggenspack, Jr
3 weeks ago
Studio Cycles is the most complete website on spin bikes I found during my research. Called on a Sunday afternoon to order a single Schwinn AC Performance Plus w/ Carbon Blue, and spoke with Steve. We were looking to add this to our home gym. Great customer service is something lacking today, but Steve and Studio Cycles clearly have a passion for what they do, and it comes through in their excellent customer service. Could not be happier, and looking forward to many years of use of the bike. Thanks again, Steve.
Josh Bishop
2 weeks ago
Very, very pleased with the services from Studio Cycles. It was easy to reach someone by phone, the staff is personable and knows their products, how they should be used (space / brands / fitness goals). I found the experience to be warm as the staff actually works on their product and this isn't just a big box reseller with no real knowledge of the equipment. In addition they informed me of add-ons which were reasonable, and did not push things which were unnecessary. I'm very happy I made my equipment purchase with these guys, very happy!
omur poutre
a week ago
I've had the most wonderful experience purchasing Schwinn A.C Sport Cycle with Steve. I could not believe how informative and patient he was to all of my questions. There is something about Steve that, I very rarely see as a quality He actually has "Your Best Interest" rather than just making a sale.
This was a big purchase for me and with Steve's help I'm very confident I've made the right purchase and I can't wait to receive my awsome bike:)
Thank you
tiffany l.
3 weeks ago
I've been researching which spin bike to purchase for months and wasn't sure which to settle on. I was nearly certain about the peloton but was irritated that I couldn't use the screen for anything but their classes and what would happen if they went out of business. Stephen Uzan at Studio Cycles spent a good half an hour on the phone with me answering all my questions and made my decision so much easier. From on board computer, shipping, styles and brands...he cleared up all my questions and I ultimately went with the Schwinn ac performance plus. Thanks so much!
Cynthia P
in the last week
Thanks Steve for helping me choose the perfect bike for me. You were really helpful, and patient , I had so many questions but you didn't hesitate to answer all of them.
Thanks again.
Ken Welch
2 weeks ago
Steve is personable, professional, and very knowledgeable about the equipment I purchased. The price was right too. I encourage others to reach out to Steve, and Studio-Cycles, you won't be disappointed. Well done.
Bruce Kohrman
3 months ago

StudioCycles -- great!

Stephen Uzan -- the best salesperson on the web!

Steve was tremendously helpful, knowledgeable and efficient during the 2 phone calls that I had with him as he put together an indoor cycle package for me at the best price on the web. Free shipping, lifetime warranty, tuning, good deal on a console -- wow. Great customer service. Can't wait for the bike to arrive. I will update later on that.
Ramon M. Anson
3 months ago
Hi Steve ,

I'm very sorry you did not recieve my son's first email . If you want I will send another copy. I'd like to use the opportunity to thank you for excellent service. You answered all my questions with clarity and knowledge. So thank you again and keep up the good work.


Blanca Rosa
Hayden Ralph
4 months ago
So Happy with my Purchase!!! Called Jay after hours on Thursday before father's day....I asked if he could deliver a spin bike by Saturday to San Diego...He suggested the Schwinn Demo carbon blue since it was assembled and ready to go (and a good price too) Delivered perfect and on time! I have to say the performance plus carbon blue is the best spin bike ever! Thanks total body experts/studio-cycles!!! Michelle
Mingo Rodriguez
2 months ago
My name is Domingo Rodriguez and my wife and I are very pleased with the customer service we received from Stephen Uzan. He was very friendly and knowledgeable, believe me when I say it, Steve Barazilai knows what he's talking about, also very professional. We are very happy with the purchase we made and can't wait to receive my order. I will definitely recommend this company to my friends and family.
Thank You Stephen Uzan.
Terray Glasman
3 weeks ago
I waited a very long time before finally breaking down and purchasing a spin bike. Based on the reviews and my conversation with Steve Barilla I quickly realized this was the best option for me.
The company stands behind the product and warranty is amazing.
I would highly recommend this company to anybody searching for a spin bike.
Arlan Mintz
a month ago-
Excellent experience with sales team. Steve was extremely knowledgable, discussed options and asked questions to find out what was important to me in my purchase. I felt he took the time and offered his advice based on his extensive knowledge and experience. I felt that after speaking with Steve I was able to pick the product best suited to my needs and understood the features and design aspects that made this the right choice. Looking forward to delivery!

Jessie Young

in the last week
My experience with studio cycles was great one. The information learned about the product I sought,was extremely helpful in making what I consider to be a good and sound decision for my health. THANK YOU
Jessie Young
in the last week
My experience with studio cycles was great one. The information learned about the product I sought,was extremely helpful in making what I consider to be a good and sound decision for my health. THANK YOU
Chad Miller
2 months ago
I called Studio-Cycles wanting a lot of information so that I could make the best decision on a top of the line spin bike. Stephen Uzan, the VP and COO of the company called me immediately and spent no less than 45 minutes on the phone with me going over my needs in a bike and the pros, cons and benefits specific to me in picking out the right bike. The whole purchasing process has been an extremely pleasant experience and I have nothing but confidence in Studio-Cycles and my purchase decision. BTW, I decided on the Schwinn AC Performance Carbon Blue.

Thank you, Steve

Joe Albaugh
2 months ago
Steve was a great help in getting me a great deal on a Demo Schwinn Plus w/Carbon Blue Belt. Lifetime Parts and 1 Year Labor. Commercial Quality Black Protective Floor Mat. Pro Build, Tune and Optimized. Demo Echellon 2 console power Upgrade at a very nice price. Steve was real nice to talk to over the phone and explained the Pro's and Con's of various Bike companies and models.

Thanks from,
Thomas Bracco
3 months ago
I just received my Schwinn AC Perf Plus Carbon Blue (2 rides in). I live in NJ and it took less than a week to get here. Jay was fantastic and included the pro build andIt arrived in perfect condition and ready to go (just had to drop in the handle bar post), no tools needed.

If anyone is serious about spin bikes this is the place to buy from. Its what i expect every service/sales business to be like. Jay will be helping me next with the exact positions to ensure a perfect and safe ride. I am using the peloton app on my ipad and the combo is great.
Gordon Bell
6 months ago
Kudos to Customer Service--a lost art

After five years of owning a home gym--when one of the weight stack pins lost a spring, I call up and actually got a human being on the phone--Augustine P. Not only does he listen to what I need--he helps me figure out the exact part and get it on order.

If good old fashioned customer service is not enough of a miracle, Augustine actually emails me the follow up--THE SAME DAY.

Best of both worlds: old-school customer service, and new-school email follow up. I wish all companies operated this way. (Can you buy stock in this company? I bet they never lose a customer. )

Background: Given that I am a grown up--and spend money carefully, my wife and I decided to ditch our NYC gym memberships when the kids came along and we settled in the burbs. We love the Body Solid EXM 3000 because both of us can work this reliable, smooth operating machine at the same time. And with the radio going, it kinda feels like my wife and I are members of our private gym.

Brandon Ice
5 months ago
I speak highly enough about the customer service and knowledge I received from Jay and Total Body Experts. I spent 4 months considering the type of bike to purchase and jay was very patient with me and answered all of my questions with no pressure to purchase. He was honest about the differences in bikes and the costs and I never felt pressured to purchase from him. I really appreciate talking to a real person and especially their online chat feature which gave me convenient access to Jay and his team without picking up the phone.

I def highly recommend.
Kelly Martin-Daley
2 months ago
Just bought a Startrac Recumbent Bike from Steve at Total Body Experts. He was very knowledgeable, and helping me get SPD pedals for the unit. I am very excited, will post again on final satisfaction!
Debbie K
3 months ago
I called Total Body Experts yesterday to obtain information about a Star Trac NXT bike. Scott B. answered the phone and I can't give enough positive feedback about how helpful he was and the fantastic customer service he provided. He was informative when answering my questions and at no time did I feel pressured in to purchasing a bike.
At the end of the call, I did purchase the Star Trac NXT, and I couldn't be happier. I am getting a fantastic bike (which I have ridden before in Spin class) for a phenomenal price with a warranty. I would highly recommend giving Total Body Experts & Scott B. an opportunity to help with your fitness equipment needs. A+++++
Joe Maldonado
3 months ago
Just ordered a Lemond RevMaster Pro cycling bike from Stephen Uzan from Studio-cycles.

I had been researching a couple of days for a quality bike that I can use at home.

The more I researched the more confused I was until I connected with Steve who quickly recommended the Lemond bike based on his analysis of my requirements and personal profile. After a few minutes on the phone with Steve, I quickly proceeded with an order for the Lemond and I couldn't and have been more thrilled with the level of service I received from him. I am completely confident in the investment I made and the support and backing of Steve and Studio Cycles.

Brian Colombo
in the last week
Order my Schwinn AC Performance Plus with Carbon Blue. Jay with Studio Cycles was great answered all my questions and helped me come to a conclusion on the what to purchase. Also best deal I found anywhere. Can't wait for it to show up at my house.
3 months ago
I just ordered a Keiser M3 from Jay Allred at Studio - Cycles. I could've bought the same thing from the guy with the less than enthusiastic, I'm so put out that someone walked into my store look at the nearby Fitness Outlet (Whoops! Did I just mention their name?). The bottom line is from the first call with Jay I felt from him a sincere desire to meet and exceed the customers expectations. He even returned my calls in less than 24hrs. I would rather do business with someone like Jay who has outstanding customer service skills than someone who only perks up once they realize you might plunk down a wad of Benjamins. Enough on that. My experience thus far with Jay and Studio - Cycles has been AWESOME! I'm so excited and can't wait to get my new M3!! Thank you Jay! :)
Mark Spaulding
2 months ago
I was searching and doing a lot of research on treadmills for several weeks...I happened to just shoot a search for Stair Masters Climbers since I've always loved the machines at my fitness center, but didn't think I could own one due to my 8ft ceilings. They had a Chat link which I hit but didn't get anyone due to the weekend but I got a call back on Sunday from Stephen Uzan.
Stephen Uzan was super knowledgeable about his products, he ended up getting me a much better deal than I thought was possible. I got a Stair Master machine which fits in 8ft ceilings, brand new, extended warranty at a great price. I am so glad he called me and I ended up buying a awesome machine.
Blake Bush
4 months ago
I can already tell that these guys go above and beyond to make their clients happy and excited about what they are purchasing. I started by chatting with them online and Jay was super informative about everything I was asking and even helped me with info that I wouldn't even know to ask about. He then personally called me to finalize my order over the phone and make sure I understood all of the great things I was getting from them. Can't wait to get my bike especially since they are pro building and tuning it for me. Like Jay said, it will arrive to me like a present on Christmas morning...ready to go! Can't wait! Thanks for the help so far and will highly recommend this company to anyone looking for spin bikes!
Cliff H
3 months ago
Review of our experience with the sales and ordering of a Certified Pre-owned Precor Machine:

Called the main number and got through to Steve.
We were in the market for a Precor AMT 835 Open Stride.
While it wasn't listed on their website, he spent some time to locate a unit and we proceeded to work out the price. He spent a great deal of time explaining the different machines as well as confirming our initial impressions that the AMT open stride would be a good first machine in building out our home fitness gym.

He also patiently explained their "Certified Preowned" units and the condition as well as the promo lifetime parts warranty they are offering on their units. While we were uncomfortable with not being able to see the unit and check it before purchase, he put us at ease, making us feel confident in the unit itself. (we will see when it arrives)

We needed a night to think about it, and Steve was willing to patiently wait for our response while we made a decision on what we wanted to do.

The following day, we had more questions and some other competitive figures. Steve politely addressed our question and aggressively worked out the pricing. We proceeded to place the order for the unit.

We are currently at the stage where we are awaiting the shipment of our order (review posted about 3 weeks after the purchase was made) and are looking forward to receiving the AMT we ordered. Will post another review upon receipt and set up regarding the quality of the certified preowned unit.

Thus far, our experience with Steve has been amazing. He is extremely pleasant and patient, spending hours to explain and work with our questions and concerns. He wasn't the tricky sales person that we often see in home gym equipment retailer/resellers but rather genuine and patient. Assuming the unit is delivered and is as amazing in condition as he ensured it will be, we will be recommending him to all of our friends, as well as ordering much more ourselves.
Simla Sivanandan
3 months ago
Once we decided to buy an indoor cycle, Studio cycles seemed the best option online.
Before ordering the Spinner Blade, I decided to use the chat feature to double check the build and tune option. Steve B promptly called me back and answered all our questions patiently. He was extremely helpful, and helped us finalize the order.

Now just cant wait to get the Spinner home :)
Richard Donohue
3 weeks ago
Excellent service. Steve took the time to answer all my questions and explain all the features and benefits. Would definitely recommend.
Barry Galloway
4 months ago
So... I called on a Thursday night (after all the local stores here in the Washington, DC area had long closed) after locating Studio Cycles on the web. Figured I'd ask a Stupid User Question about how to rejuvenate my recent Craigslist purchase of a StarTrac Johnny G Spinner Pro bike. Stephen Uzan picked up my call and, after kindly refraining from laughing at my audacity in calling out to California for a used spinner maintenance question, very gently explained the error in my original "solution" thinking and guided me to a much better approach... which worked beautifully. I called back to thank Steve, and he invited me to call back any time, with any question, even if I didn't buy my bike from StudioCycles. Is that customer focus or what??? Next time I visit So. Calif. I plan to drive out to Hawthorne just to shake his hand. Support these folks, people!
Stephanie Bridger Hastings
2 months ago
After doing research online I called Studio-cycles for more information on purchasing a spin bike for my home gym. Stephen Uzan was very knowledgeable and helped me determine which bike would best fit my needs and budget. I am very excited to receive my new Schwinn AC Sport and will update once I do. Thanks Steve!!
Margaret Bales
3 months ago
We have been researching for a indoor cycle and were totally confused with all the options out there but we finally got the help from Stephen Uzan. He helped me tremendously and was very knowledgeable . I cant wait to get my Lemonds Rev master pro.I will leave another review when I receive my trainer but just wanted to say that Steve was great help. Steven Z, EX PRO CYCLIST.
David Jones
4 months ago
The service was great by steve he heiped me every of the way.Answered all my question about how the bike function and how Well it was built.HE WAS GREAT.ALL AROUND SERVICE.thank you so much steve for all your help.your customer DJ very happy.
5 months ago
I bought my Schwinn AC Performance Plus Carbon Blue from Studio Cycles based on the reputation of Jeff Wimmer and Studio Cycles, which I think was well earned. I am delighted with my purchase, both in the product and with the service I received. My only disappointment was having to wait a month to get the bike.
I opted for the ProBuild & Tune and the Echelon 2 console. Well worth the cost. The shipping company was excellent, keeping me informed all the way from leaving the factory to arrival at my house. The bike was in perfect condition, needing no adjustments other than my seat height/position, etc. So much better than the usual iffy shipping with UPS or FEDEX. No damaged bike or loose parts rattling around the box.
I highly recommend this bike as the best available for indoor spinning and I think anyone would be foolish to buy it from anyone else. Thank you very much.

Ron Gurney
Evelyn Hess
4 months ago
I just ordered a spin bike from Studio Cycles, and am so excited! Not only did Jay give me good advice about all of my options, he never pressured me, always gave me a straight answer, and I felt confident I was making a good, informed decision. The videos from Studio Cycle on youtube should be watched before getting any spin bike - great info from someone who knows this stuff. It's so easy to buy something that doesn't work well. I have used a $300.00 Schwinn for 10 years, and can't wait to get my new one. These guys are the best. I contacted many companies before seeing these guys on youtube, so I know what's out there. Other places are a waste of time. Thank you, Jay, and Studio Cycles!

Nolan Addison

3 months ago
My wife and I were in the market for a spin bike for our home Gym. I was initially going to purchase a Peloton Bike until I saw the Review and side by side comparison on Studio-Cycles' website. So I Decided to give them a call. I spoke with Steve, who was able to give a lot of great information about spin bike and what would be the best fit for my families need. If you are in the market for a spin bike I highly recommend working with Steve and Studio-Cycles.

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Brie G.
Review Posted 11/4/2016
If you want excellent service as well as excellent equipment Total Body Fitness is #1. They are knowledgeable and their prices are competitive.


Doug R.
Review Posted 11/3/2016
Steve handled my call very well. We discussed options and he guided us through the process. The order has been made - now we're just waiting for delivery. Thank you Steve.


Phil C.
Review Posted 11/2/2016
I Just ordered a Schwinn AC Performance plus carbon blue from Stephen Uzan. He answered all my questions and helped me choose my new indoor cycle. I was torn between two models, explained to him my needs and he helped me out tremendously. The whole process was made very easy thanks to Steve. I will definitely recommend him to anyone looking to learn and purchase an indoor cycle. Excellent customer service is not dead.


Brian M.
Review Posted 11/1/2016
I was considering buying bike for about two months. After seeing many commercials on TV about a spinning bike, I did some internet research and came across a You Tube video for Total Body Experts. I called and talked to Steve B. and he educated me about the various choices and we discussed which bike best met my family needs. Steve B is an expert in this field. He provided all the details I needed to make a decision and buy a bike. Thanks again Steve for your help!!!!


Bruce L.
Review Posted 10/31/2016
I am a repair technician with Total Body, and the level of support I receive from this co is fantastic.. they are prompt professional, and courteous with me at all times but most importantly we work as a team toward a common goal, and this helps me to help the customer 100%.I also like being able to call into the co and get a live person immediately, and not have to do a tic tac toe with the phone buttons until I get to another department.. I cannot say enough good about this co, and I am happy to be here for the long term. At your service and Thank You. Bruce Lee


Victoria H.
Review Posted 10/30/2016
I just ordered a Schwinn AC Performance Plus with Carbon Blue from Stephen Uzan. He was so awesome to work with. I had been researching indoor cycles for some time. Steve was so helpful answering the many many questions I had. He provided so much information on the three bikes I was interested in. Then helped me make the best decision for ME. I am so excited and can't wait to receive my awesome bike!!! Victoria B.


Betsy E.
Review Posted 10/28/2016
We purchased a Schwinn AC Performance Plus with Carbon Blue from Steve. He was so helpful and courteous - answered all my million questions, and then some! Really nice to work with! Betsy


Gary H.
Review Posted 10/22/2016
I recently purchased a Schwinn AC Performance Plus with Carbon Blue and MPower Eschelon2 console with power meter. I contacted Steve during my process of deciding which bike to purchase. He was a big help without any push towards one direction or another and without trying to sell me any additional products. He listened to my concerns and answered my questions in a helpful and professional manner. I've had experiences in which the manner in which a sales person responded (or not responded) to my questions has led me to either have a bit of a bitter taste after it was all done or to simply have moved on to purchase the product elsewhere. It was really nice to part with that kind of money while being happy with not only the purchase, but also the company that was getting that money.


Omur A.
Review Posted 10/21/2016
I've had the most wonderful experience purchasing Schwinn A.C Sport Cycle with Steve. I could not believe how informative and patient he was to all of my questions. There is something about Steve that, I very rarely see as a quality is, he actually has "Your Best Interest" rather than just making a sale. This was a big purchase for me and with Steve's help I'm very confident I've made the right purchase and I can't wait to receive my awsome bike:) Yippie!!! Thank you


Dolly G.
Review Posted 10/21/2016
I recently purchased Cybex 750A. Was having issue getting it on time. Spoke to Augustine Pizano. He listened to my concern and took action right away. My Machine was shipped next day. Customer service and attention i got from him was exceptional. He is a true professional and asset to the company. Because of his exceptional service I will be delighted to recommend to anyone.


Josh B.
Review Posted 10/20/2016
So I called Studio Cycles after checking reviews of my desired product on the web. The online review and information gave a professional and informative perception so I decided to call and explore more. Upon calling the staff member's expertise and ability to answer all my questions matched the professionalism of the website earlier. This is not always the case with other retailers, so this was very pleasant surprise. So after a bit of thought, I made my purchase and the staff were helpful with all by billing / delivery / warranty questions. They offered additions which had value and did not push any that did not; for me the assembly and lifetime home warranty labor coverage were the best. The home warranty is truly lifetime and available anywhere in the US. I found this to be a comfortable exchange and definitely could see anyone buying their first exercise having a real easy time with these guys. So overall, this was a great experience for buying fitness equipment!


Mark A.
Review Posted 10/19/2016
We wanted to buy a RevMaster Pro spin bike but needed help to plan the delivery window. I chatted with Stephen Uzan online and he called me immediately to talk through the process, explains the options and work with us to schedule a convenient delivery. Everything was extremely easy and straightforward and he let us know what options were available without pressuring us into an upsell. Overall I was exceptionally happy with the experience.


David H.
Review Posted 10/15/2016
I recently purchased a commercial tread from Total Body Experts and was assisted by Stephen Uzan. He had significant product knowledge accumulated after spending year in the fitness industry. He answered my questions and even after the sale continued to spend time providing personal touch to the sales experience. It is clear to me that Steve and Total Body Experts understands the value of customer service and reputation. I will definitely be letting my friends know about this company.


Mark P.
Review Posted 10/13/2016
I had planned to purchase a Schwinn AC Sport Carbon Blue but checked with Steve first at He saved me from making a purchase with a 1 star rated company with bad reviews. He spent as much time as needed and made me feel comfortable with the purchase. Overall a very good buying experience, I would highly recommend this company to anyone looking for an Indoor Cycle. Thanks Steve!


Mary K.
Review Posted 10/11/2016
I have been shopping around for the best price on a Schwinn AC Carbon Blue spin bike.. I contacted Steve, by chat from their website, who immediately contacted me by phone. He was able to answer all of my questions and offered the best price I have been able to find locally or online. I am looking forward to receiving my bike and will keep everyone informed on my delivery , hoping that it will be as excellent as the purchasing process.


Jeff W.
Review Posted 10/8/2016
Stephen Uzan is a really good salesman. I am looking foward to getting my bike. Studio cycles is definietly the way to go. Jeff Woelfel


John S.
Review Posted 10/8/2016
It all started with a Peloton ad and dream for this dad of 2 young kids to get back in shape. After extensive research, I landed on and clicked on their chat button. Ultimately, this led to a phone conversation with Steve. Steve was a wealth of good information. Is he a sales guy? Sure. That said, he really gave some sound advice about Schwinn, Keiser, and Lemond spin bikes and the differences between them. Like others, I ultimately ended up with a Schwinn Performance Plus Carbon Blue. I had mentally prepared to land on a Keiser M3 or a Schwinn AC Sport before talking to Steve. After our conversation, I felt very good that I understood the differences between the models and could assign a value to those things that separated them. Ultimately, this is why I took the plunge on the more expensive model. Thank you to Steve for being such a great advisor during this process! I wouldn't have made the decision I made without him.


Barry P.
Review Posted 10/7/2016
I did extensive research on ;one on spin bikes which ended ups connecting me to Steve at Studio Cycles. Steve had answers to all my questions and then some, he went the extra mile explaining key features of all the top brands. Long story short we purchased a Schwinn AC Performance in Carbon Blue. As Steve promised it was delivered on schedule and arrived in prefect condition. I highly recommend Studio Cycle


Lucas M.
Review Posted 10/6/2016
I purchased a Precor AMT from Total Body Experts with Stephen Uzan. I emailed him initially with some questions, and he really went the extra mile with his detailed and prompt response. I called to discuss further, and he did a very nice explaining everything and answered all of my questions. I felt very comfortable ordering my AMT from Steve, and am really excited for its arrival. Thank you! Lucas McKnight, Columbus OH


Sayra A.
Review Posted 10/5/2016
I recently purchased some shoe cleats from Ebay and had a minor hiccup with shipping he immediately shipped out another set. Thank you for the great customer service Martin Lenzner


Susanne A.
Review Posted 10/5/2016
I was recently helped by Stephen Uzan with my over-the-phone purchase of a Schwinn bike ( Explaining to Steve that I had been thinking of a competitor's bike, Steve helped shepherd me the whole way as I switched my preference to a Schwinn for a lot of good reasons. He quickly gained my confidence. Given that this is somewhat of an investment, I wanted to be sure of what I was doing. I was blown away by Steve's knowledge in answering all my questions. I'm really looking forward to receiving my bike. Because of all of Steve's assurances, I have to say I completely trust the process. Highly recommend Steve and this company!


Sherolyn D.
Review Posted 10/3/2016
I just purchased a Schwinn spin bike over the phone from Steve at Studio Cycles. I called late on a Saturday afternoon and to my amazement, Steve answered the phone and was extremely helpful in recommending a bike to fit our needs. He went above and beyond in accommodating our timing needs. I highly recommend Studio Cycles!


Larry w.
Review Posted 10/2/2016
Not only did my AC Performance Plus with Carbon Blue bike arrive on time as scheduled, I also experienced great customer service from David White concerning my serial number sticker on the bike and he assisted me with the issue. David was patient, professional, and very prompt in solving the issue.


Mary H.
Review Posted 9/29/2016
After doing a lot of research, I ordered my Schwinn AC Performance Bike w/Carbon Blue by phone a few days ago with Steve. He spent at least 45 minutes on the phone with me and never rushed his answers or hurried me. He is very knowledgeable, competent and patient. Thanks Steve for such excellent service!! I cant wait to get the bike and hope I have an experience like Ashlee's in terms of delivery time! Mary H.


Sarrie F.
Review Posted 9/27/2016
I have just ordered my bike with Steve. He sounds like he really knows his craft and the bikes he sells. Gave me a very nice deal on a bike and a personal phone to call if there are any problems. The transaction couldn't have been smoother. I haven't received my bike yet but am really excited to get it!


Richard S.
Review Posted 9/23/2016
I worked with Steve through the approximately 3 week buying process. I did a lot of research and finally decided that I wanted a Schwinn AC Performance in Carbon Blue. We spent about an hour on the phone and we went over different bikes and the Pros/Cons of each model. Their youtube channel has some very good information and it is clear that this company knows what they are talking about.


Leah A.
Review Posted 9/21/2016
Steve was super helpful and knowledgeable. He patiently answered all my questions. He spent at least 30 minutes on the phone with me. Thanks so much for your awesome help, Steve. I'm excited to receive my bike!


Craig T.
Review Posted 9/19/2016
After trying to figure out what exercise cycle would be best on line with no success, I called Studio cycles and got Stephen Uzan. He was terrific, knowledgeable and patient. Could not have had a better buying experience. Now excitedly waiting for the bike to arrive.


Ashlee F.
Review Posted 9/16/2016
UPDATE: I ordered my bike on Sept 16 and received it Sept 28 in Florida. EXTREMELY FAST SHIPPING and bike was well packed. Sept 16 review: Spoke with Steve for about 20 minutes after doing quite a bit of research about indoor cycles. I was prepared to invest in what I hoped would be a "lifetime" piece of equipment and wanted to ensure value for money. Steve was enthusiastic about indoor cycles, objective about the different models and brands we discussed, answered all of my questions thoroughly, and did not give me the hard sell! I felt so confident in my selection that I purchased an indoor cycle right on the telephone. -- Ashlee F, Florida


fredrick s.
Review Posted 9/15/2016
My wife and I were internet searching for a home spin bicycle so that we could loose some weight... ....... .....Schwinn came up in the search bar and that's where things changed.....I call the direct line of and spoke with a very motivated man named Stephen Uzan. This is one dedicated and knowledgeable guy who walked us through the bells and whistles and pros and cons of a lot of bikes. Heck, I learned more listening to Steve talk about bikes than any class can teach me. I'm glad I didn't get another competitors bike (They don't match up to Schwinn) but did get a great Schwinn AC Performance Plus with Carbon Blue. I truly recommend the pre-conversation with Steve for just about anything as he has a plethora of all-bikes knowledge...We recommend him and will pass his name around for so our friends can get a great Schwinn Now all we have to do is wait for the bike to arrive .....


Greg H.
Review Posted 9/10/2016
Steve's knowledge and customer service were the best. He answered all of my questions promptly and courteously! No pressure just good friendly information.


Marc K.
Review Posted 8/30/2016
Was looking for a new exercise bike and the folks at Studio Cycles/Total Body Experts could not have been more helpful Stephen Uzan took my order and help me pick the right bike and options with no pressure, just information. I then had a delivery deadline due to travel and David White came thru with flying colors. He went out of his way to make things work for my difficult schedule. This is the way all businesses should run. These guys define customer service!


Pamela F.
Review Posted 8/26/2016
I have had the best experience working with Steve. He went out of his way to make sure I had a very positive experience. I have really enjoyed working with him. I know that if I have a situation in the future I can call on him personally. Thank you Steve for excellent service.


Jeff S.
Review Posted 8/18/2016
I purchased a custom made NXT a few years back. Not only did they paint it the color of my car, the through in a few extras. So easy to deal with. Today, I was having issues with the bikes I teach on. I gave them a call, and they were there to help! Much appreciated. Thanks guys


Gary M.
Review Posted 8/6/2016
I just talked to head of sales Jay Allred who explained the advantages of the Carbon Blue AC Performance Plus. I have used the Schwinn Performance AC for years in an athletic facility in Tucson where I spent my winters, and wanted one of equal or better quality here in my home in Eugene, OR. The Schwinn AC Performance Plus seems just the ticket. I especially appreciate that Total Body Experts will pretest the bike, and make sure it is tuned before shipping it, and in addition mount the Echelon 2 console with an upgrade so I can monitor my watts, gear level, heart beat and calories while using the bike. This will enable me to use the bike as soon as it arrives rather than fiddle with adjustments and installations that are subject to my not so perfect ability to trouble shoot and wire. Thank you Jay for your help.


Joseph W.
Review Posted 7/31/2016
Thanks to Stephen Uzan for your patience with my questions and concerns. Your knowledge about the Spinning bikes was very helpful. I'm confident I made the right purchase with Studio-Cycles. Thanks again! Joe W.


Phillip R.
Review Posted 7/28/2016
I worked with Stephen Uzan during my ordering process. He was very knowledgable and helped me pick the right bike -- a Carbon Blue AC Performance Plus. He even spent time on all of the accessories that most people simply overlook. I'm set up with the right monitor / console, seat, pedals, etc. Great job Steve!


Greg D.
Review Posted 7/26/2016
I emailed Studio Cycles and Stephen Uzan called me within 20 minutes. I wasn't sure which bike would best suit my needs, but Steve took the time to explain the differences between several different spinning bikes. Steve was incredibly knowledgeable and helped me to make the right decision. Really impressed with Studio Cycles warranty and customer service.


dale s.
Review Posted 7/26/2016
I purchased a Cybex arc trainer just under 2 years ago. I called to report a problem with the unit without having any of the original invoices, documents or emails on the unit. David was able to quickly locate my invoice and the original emails, detailing my verbally agreed extended warranty. A service order was started and the problem was fixed in 24 hours. Simply refreshing courteous treatment and fast effective remedy to the issue. Thank you David, I will continue to recommend Total Body Experts and return for any further fitness equipment I may purchase in the future.


Bryant R.
Review Posted 7/26/2016
I have the Schwinn carbon blue spin cycle and i love it! I ordered it with the Mpower2. This cycle is everything I hoped for and best of all its a commercial grade unit so it will easily out last me and my wife. I choose to buy my bike from Total Body Expert because their team is simply on point. They offered to assemble it, tune it and attach the power meter!!!! On top of that, it came perfectly gift wrapped in 3 days! Hahahahahaha and I'm not joking. These guys are so on point its unbelievable. I've gotten used to fighting to get what I pay for but for once, I found a team that literally delivered everything they promised. Don't even think about getting your bike anywhere else.