WIMMER Pro Build & Tune

The WIMMER Pro Build & Tune Process is the most comprehensive in the industry. Before any bike we build and tune is shipped, it must first meet all of our rigorous standards.

Our process is conducted only by highly trained technicians and adheres to our strict standards to ensure that every frame, crank, bottom bracket, adjustments, and flywheel are in excellent working condition.

And we do check it all…nothing is overlooked! If a single point doesn’t meet our standards, then we make it right or it won’t pass our WIMMER Pro Build & Tune.


But we don’t stop there. Once our WIMMER Pro Build & Tune is completed, each unit is tightly secured to our custom sized pallets, wrapped completely to ensure your new bike arrives to you just like it left our caring hands, and shipped ASAP! You get the tracking info so you can keep an eye on your where your bike is along the way. When it arrives, just sign for the bike, unpack, place, and RIDE!